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Divination on your birthday

Divination on your birthday

The future can be made clear if you try to look at it on your birthday. On this day, with the help of cards, you will find what lies ahead.

Divination should be done within 14 hours. Splice the deck with your left hand and then remove seven cards from it, while in advance, you must remove the cards numbered from two to five. Put them in front of you and interpret their meaning.

Ace of spades means that you can expect problems caused by another person. Ace of hearts - the relationship with your family will come first, ace of clubs - trouble relating to women is waiting for you, ace of diamonds – sign of an improving financial position.

If you got the king of spades, you have serious enemies, King of diamonds - a new partner will appear in your business. Ace of hearts - you can expect great love and a lot of money, ace of clubs – your wife will cheat on you.

Queen of Spades means illness for a woman who brings you bad luck. Queen of hearts – you will receive support from a dark-haired man. Queen of Diamonds - your financial situation will stabilize. Queen of clubs - you expect a serious loss in financial terms.

Jack of Spades portends illness and family problems, jack of diamonds - pleasant events and health for all in the home. Jack of hearts portends success in work and learning and jack of clubs - small troubles associated with your business.

Ten of spades means that someone in your immediate surroundings will try to oppose you. Ten of diamonds - a loved one will surprise you unpleasantly, ten of hearts – mind your friends’ behaviour. Ten of clubs - unexpected joy.

Nine of spades predicts problems with relatives, nine of diamonds - a manifestation of love from an old friend. Nine of hearts - a relative disappointment, nine of clubs - trouble with jealousy for no reason.

Eight of spades - it is possible to get attacked by thieves. Eight of diamonds - surprises at work. New problems will be waiting for you if you get eight of hearts and eight of clubs predicts unhappy love.

Seven of spades predicts tears, seven of hearts - sad news. Seven of diamonds - financial losses, seven of clubs – you will have cause for regret.

Six of spades portends separation from friends, six of diamonds - financial trouble. Six of hearts - good luck in gambling, six of clubs – you will change jobs.

Four aces mean incredible luck, four kings - powerful enemies. Four queens – rumours about you, four jacks - you can expect serious problems.

Four tens predict long months of relaxation, four nines - the appearance of new love. Four eights - expect solitude in love, four sevens – there is danger lurking. Four sixes - good news is waiting for you.