Divination with Wax

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Divination with wax is an old-fashioned method of peering into the future. The method for divining with wax is simple but the interpretation is complex.

What you need is a large candle. You can only divine with real beeswax, it's best if it's colored, so that you can see the outlines of the figures well. Pour the wax in cold water and it will turn into strange figures.

Divination with wax was practiced back in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. To divine with wax you will need a large candle, matches, a cup of cold, but not icy, water.

You must have patience because the candle must burn for quite a while before you obtain the necessary amount of wax to get figures.


According to the tradition, you need to be clear about the question which interests you before you even light the candle. That's why you can choose the color of the candle based on your question.

A red and pink candle is perfect for love questions, green - for questions related to health. A golden candle is suitable for financial questions.

If you are interested in questions from various aspects of life, use candles of several colors and light them all.

Once the candle has burned for about 40 minutes, fill a cup or bowl with water. Speak the question which interests you aloud and pour the wax into the water.

Take a good look at the figure which has formed and find out what it means according to you. There are some figures, whose interpretations are well known.

Angel - someone will help you.

Arc - an unexpected journey awaits you.

Butterfly - changes.

Drum - important news.

Tower - a wedding.

Letters - financial success.

Bouquet - happiness.

Boomerang - your actions turn against you.

Bull - you are in danger.

Vase - a long period of peace awaits you.

Fan - a romantic meeting.

Scales - a court trial.

Fork - someone close to you will betray you.

Grapes - you will have luck.

Question Mark - insecurity.

Volcano - troubles in short order.

Guitar - new love.

Eye - someone is trying to trick you.

Dove - happiness in love.

Head - you will get a raise.

Pear - a new adventure.

Door - a new period in your life awaits you.

House - you will move.

Dragon - learn to be yourself.

Castle - expect a new friendship.

Star - your wishes will come true.

Square - warm relations at home.

Dagger - a friend is setting a trap for you.

Key - a pleasant surprise awaits.

Book - you will receive important information.

Ring - a wedding.

Ship - a journey.

Basket - an addition to the family.

Crown - success at work.

Lion - you have more opportunities than you think.

Ladder - a raise is to come.

Boat - someone will save you from trouble.

Broom - get rid of those taking advantage of you.

Handcuffs - court problems.

Spider - expect financial successes.

Heart - love.

Snail - don't rush important decisions.

Anchor - someone is preventing you from reaching your dreams.



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