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Divination with Food! Find out What Lies Ahead

Plamena M.Plamena M.

There's one daily ritual we all inevitably participate in - eating.

Before you eat everything off your plate, as grandma expects of you, look carefully at your food. It's one of the things in our daily lives that can reveal what the future has in store.

Divining the future with food products may seem strange at first glance. But recall that one of the most ancient methods is divination with coffee. Our food hides the key to the future.

Find out how to divine using food - the results really are shocking.


It has established itself as the most popular food item for foretelling the future. Coffee used for divination needs to be a strong, Turkish-style one. The residue left behind in the cup will reveal everything. Use your imagination and look carefully at the shapes formed.

Blue Cheese


Use Swiss or blue cheese to divine. You can discern the future by looking at the shapes and sizes of the holes, the way they're clustered, the presence of mold and shapes formed by it.


To peer into the future you have to look at how the onions are growing. The direction they're growing in, the shape, strength of the aroma, size and color are of particular importance.


Another ancient method for foretelling the future: throwing beans on the floor. Depending on the shapes, you can predict what's coming.



There are 2 days of divining with fruits. In the 1st, the future is discerned depending on the shape, size, color and freshness of the fruits found in your home, after they've taken in your energy. The other is similar to divination with beans - olives or grapes are thrown on the floor. Depending on the resulting shapes, you can predict what's coming.


Rice answers questions. Think of a question that can be answered with "Yes" or "No" and write it down on a sheet of paper. Take a handful of rice and place it in a glass container. Fold the sheet of paper and put it on the rice. Stir 3 times, while repeating the question to yourself. Grab a pinch of rice grains and throw them on the table. If there's an even number of rice grains the answer is Yes. An odd number means the answer is No.


To find out what lies ahead, put a raw egg in a box or other container so that it doesn't break. Carry it with you all day, in order for it to soak in your energy. That night, prepare a container of hot water. Stir it clockwise and break the egg inside. The shapes that you see will reveal what you can expect, as well as the answers to all of your questions.