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Divination with an Egg

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Divination with an egg is a method known since ancient times. The egg carries powerful symbolism, which has remained intact in the world's religions and beliefs.

Naturally then, it's no wonder that the egg has become one of the ways of predicting events and divining the future. One of the oldest methods for divination is to gather the eggs of several species of birds in one place.

Then cover them with a towel and think of a wish. Without looking, reach under the towel and remove one egg. Depending on the size, it shows whether the wish will come true or not.

Bird Eggs

But a more popular method of divination with an egg is to also use water. Break the egg and pour it into a transparent container with water.

Experts in egg divination believe that by looking at the form of the egg white, fate can be predicted with maximum accuracy. The ability to fortune tell using an egg is explained by the idea that the egg is a symbol of the beginning of life. Once it is combined with an important element such as water, that is in essence the association of 2 beginnings.

For this method, pour the egg white into warm water. Various shapes will result.

Egg Shapes

If the egg white falls to the bottom of the container, this portends of some kind of distress in the family. For an unmarried woman, an egg white falling to the bottom of the container means unsuccess in her personal life.

If the egg white forms into an angel, this predicts happiness and peace. A watermelon shape is a guarantee of happiness in the family, while the butterfly is a symbol of well-being.

A bracelet is a symbol of a wedding to come. A broken bracelet portends of a separation with your beloved. A bottle is a symbol of joyous moments.

A fan is a sign of duplicity and betrayal. A fork is a bad sign, predicting poverty and humiliation. A pigeon is a sign of love and bliss, while the pear - of betrayal and family problems.

If the egg white shapes itself into a house, this is a harbinger of success in all undertakings. A star also foreshadows success. A cage symbolizes a great loss of money.

A swan symbolizes wealth, and a knife - problems and a breakup with your sweetheart. A fish symbolizes success, and an arrow - financial hardships.



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