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Divination with Sheets of Paper Provides Quick Solutions to your Problems


There are numerous ways of finding out what the future has in store for you and how to resolve your problems. Divination with sheets of paper is one of them. Quick and easy, anyone can do it to receive guidance in life.

To perform the divination, first of all you need to clearly outline the problem that's bothering you. Then, write down different possible solutions to it onto 6 identical sheets of paper with a pen.

Fold the sheets and place them in a bowl. Now add a 7th sheet of paper to them that you've left blank. Pour water over the sheets and repeat the question out loud. Look to see which sheet of paper floats up to the surface first.

Be quick to grab it and see what the answer to the problem is according to the Universe. If you get the blank sheet, it's best that you think a little further on the problem and not rush to action. If neither of the sheets floats up, accept the fact that the day is unsuitable for divination and try again next week.

And another important thing! When you're performing the divination, make sure that you're alone in the room, are healthy and feel completely calm. Don't try to divine if you're not feeling well or are absentminded at the moment.

If you do, you risk your divination not yielding accurate results. The same can occur if you don't believe enough in the power of this ritual.