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Love Divination at Home


Love is one of the subjects that interests every person on this planet. And that's fully understandable - after all, finding a suitable partner forms a cornerstone of our life. And while some are successful on the love front and quickly find a soul mate, things aren't quite that way for others.

Many individuals wander from relationship to relationship but are nevertheless dissatisfied with what the opposite sex has to offer them.

Still others have been burned by the betrayal of their partner and are at the moment afraid to give their heart to anyone. A 4th camp contains those who, try as they might to attract someone's attention, are simply unable to.

If you too are among the people suffering from misfortune in love, don't rush to despair. The future certainly has surprises in store for you and all you need to do to learn about them ahead of time is to make use of the following love divinations. They're simple enough for anyone to do right at home.

1. Divination with sheets of paper

This divination is suitable for those of you who have 2 or more admirers and can't seem to choose just 1 of them. To perform it, you have to wait until the moment before you go to bed at night. Write the name of each of the candidates on a separate sheet of paper, then fold them and place them under your pillow. Sleep and when you wake up the next morning, choose one of the sheets of paper. The name that's written inside belongs to the person who is the most suitable partner for you.


2. Divination with a book

If you have a library with many books, think of 3 numbers. The 1st number will show you which book on the shelf to take, the 2nd will lead you to which page to open it to and the 3rd - which line to halt your gaze on. Next, carefully read what's written on that line in the book - this will provide you a hint as to what your love life will be like in the future.

3. Divination with animals

Stand by the window and look out of it to see which animal walks by first. If a dog passes by, it means you will soon meet a devoted and responsible partner. If you see a bird, you're going to be involved with a freedom-loving person, who loves adventure. If you notice a cat, you're going to have romantic relations with a person that stands out with their complex character. If you see any other animal, then it's likely that fate will have you meet an unpredictable person. If no animal passes by within half an hour, it's a sign that you won't soon have a new love partner.

Love Shoes

4. Divination with a shoe

It's recommended to perform this ritual with a white, left foot shoe that is not old. Stand facing the window early in the morning and throw the shoe over your back. Then see what position it's landed in. If its tip is facing the door, this means that you're going to get married soon. Otherwise, don't expect marriage anytime soon.