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Divination with Socks Reveals What you can Expect in Love


If you'd like to find out what's waiting for you in love, you can perform divination with socks. The ritual is a simple one and all you need is 3 pairs of socks - white, black and colorful ones.

To perform this seance you need to be alone at home and the weather needs to be clear and calm. Do not perform this ritual if there's strong winds or a storm outside because this may change the results of the love divination.

After you've satisfied the first 2 conditions, pick out 3 pairs of socks and place them in an empty box. Close your eyes and focus on the love subjects that are on your mind.

Give yourself a few minutes to focus on your thoughts and desires. Then, put your hand in the box, shuffle the socks around a bit and take out 2 of them. Find out below what it means:


1. Two colorful socks

Expect exciting and passionate moments on the love front but don't hope for relations that are too serious. It's more likely your communication will remain at the flirt level. We advise you to enjoy the moment and not feed into illusions about the far future.

2. Two black socks

Don't have too high hopes. You're not expected to have much success in love in the near future. You're more likely to encounter lies, intrigue and cheating. You're definitely not going to be left with good impressions regarding the opposite sex.

3. Two white socks

If you pulled out 2 white socks, you've a happy and deep relationship to come. You have all the chances of it leading to marriage. Luck is on your side. Be happy because your dreams are coming true.

4. A white and a black sock

You've got a relationship on the horizon in which you're going to feel like a character from a soap opera. You're going to have many joyous moments but there won't be a shortage of difficulties either. You need to overcome the serious hurdles and stand up to many people in order to defend your love.


5. A white and a colorful sock

This is a relationship that will begin quite spontaneously. At the beginning it's going to seem like an innocent flirt and you're not even going to pay much mind to whatever's going on. But as time goes on, things are going to change. Before you know it you'll be madly in love.

6. A colorful and a black sock

You're going to feel strong sympathies toward someone but they're only going to want you as a friend. It's possible that your romantic advances put an end to the relationship forever. So think before you act. Think about what's more important to you - friendship or love.