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Divination with a Mirror

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Divination with a mirror is considered to be one of the oldest and most dangerous. Divining with a mirror is done at midnight and in complete solitude. It is possible to see horrendous things in the mirror which may cause a severe psychological breakdown.

This method of foretelling the future is used only by women. It is best for the woman to be naked when using this way of peering into her fate.

You need 2 mirrors and 2 candles. Place the candles on each side of one of the mirrors. Place the other mirror across from the first one, in order to get a "hallway" of mirrors.

This hallway is infinite. It is absolutely essential when divining with a mirror for the woman to be completely alone. It is believed that the man whom destiny has determined for you, stands behind you, and that you can see his reflection in the mirror.

The hair of the woman needs to hang loose, if it is long. If you are overly sensitive, nervous or have a tendency of becoming anxious, mirror divination is not appropriate for you.

Mirror divination

After you have made the mirror hallway, peer into it. Before the image of the man, with whom you will be happy, appears, the mirror will darken, while the candles will begin to crack.

At that point, you will witness a man at the end of the hallway. Remember the face, hair and entire silhouette well. That way you will recognize him more easily when you see him in real life later.

Keep in mind that the man will be reflected in a way as if he is standing right behind you and is peering past your shoulder. Do not turn around under any circumstances. If you witness something horrifying in the mirror, quickly read off a prayer and cover one of the mirrors with a piece of cloth.

If you want to find out whether you will live alone with your man, you can find out by using the mirror once again. On a night when the moon is shining brightly, take a small mirror, stand by the window and angle it so that the moon is reflected in it.

Look into the mirror without blinking and soon you will see numerous moons. The number of moons you see in the mirror correspond to the number of people who will live in the home where you will be with your partner.

Remember that mirror divination should only be done once every 40 days, in order for the result to be true. Since it is possible that you may not witness anything in the mirror hallway, you can repeat the ritual every 40 days until the man whom fate has predestined for you appears.



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