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Divination by menstrual cycle

Nina NordNina Nord
Divination by menstrual cycle

There is a belief that the day of the week, date and even the time of day in which the woman started her cycle, can foretell the future.

If your monthly cycle started early passionate love awaits in the nearest future. It's a feeling that will not appear suddenly, it will be directed to a person you know from long ago, but fate has connected you.

If your cycle started during the day, it promises a good mood for the next few days, but if you start in the evening, it portends separation from close loved one.

If your cycle starts on Monday, expect trouble this week. But not to worry, as you will overcome said troubles quickly and easily.

If you start on Tuesday, you meet someone who will change your life. On Wednesday, it portends disruption in your life and unforeseen events.

On Thursday, with the start of the cycle and expect a very special offer. On Friday, expect important news.

If your cycle starts on Saturday, expect a declaration of love, but if you start on Sunday, expect pleasant moments with your friends. The days of the month also mean different things.

1 - happiness awaits you, 2 – you will be ignored by a loved one. 3 – a pending quarrel, 4 - a great opportunity awaits you. 5 - you can expect a pleasant surprise 6 - denounced friends are behind you.

7 - give a chance to the person who is trying to prove his love, 8 – you will be very jealous. 9 - expect problems with your colleagues, 10 – you will fall in love.

11 – you will be betrayed, 12 – you will be seduced soon, 13 - someone will take advantage of you 14 - you expect news related to money.

15 - will pay for your loquacity, 16 - conspiracy by your friends, 17 - parting with a friend, 18 - you can expect a brief, but passionate affair .

19 – you will shed many tears 20 -will love fatally 21 - you will discover that your loved one was lying all along, 22 - expect material receipts 23 - windfall.

24 - guests from abroad, 25 - a new acquaintance, 26 - will have gossip with friends, 27 - your desires related to work will be fulfilled.

28 - success in love awaits you 29 - bitter times ahead, 30 - your friend will recognize your love 31 - something unexpected will deprive you of many unnecessary things.



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15.04.2013 19:42
Mmmhh... I don't agree this. Mostly every period is always different day, date and time. But good info...