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Love Divination with Cards

Nina NordNina Nord

You can use cards for divination to find out what fate has in store for you on the love front. Shuffle a deck of cards well and begin drawing them 3 at a time, forming them into a fan.

As soon as the king and queen, whose future you want to find out more about, are drawn, take out another trio of cards, form it into a fan and stop drawing cards.

Take a good look at the cards. In front of you, there should be 3 vertical columns and several horizontal rows.

Vertically, the left vertical column represents the past, the middle - the present, and the right is the future. If the king is on top and the queen a few rows under him, he is the dominating side in their relationship.


This man is not interested in the woman in any other way, besides physically. If there is another queen or king right between that king or queen, problems in love await them.

If there is a 9 or 10 of spades around the queen, this means that the relationship is at its end. Take a close look at the cards between the king and queen.

Understand the meaning of each of the cards well and only then make conclusions about the future. Each card has its own special meaning, which is easy to remember.

All diamond cards have to do with work. A 6 portends a business trip, a 7 and 8 - work meetings and discussions, a 9 - love with a colleague.

A 10 of diamonds - money and success, a jack - problems at work. A queen of diamonds - this is a mother, mother-in-law, neighbor or colleague. A king of diamonds is an official, boss or colleague. An ace of diamonds - success at work.

A 6 of clubs - travel, 7 and 8 - successful meetings and discussions. A 9 of clubs - love, a 10 - wishes coming true. A jack of clubs - problems, a queen - a wife, girlfriend or lover. A king of clubs - a married or divorced man, ace of clubs - a house.

A 6 of hearts - travel awaits you. A 7 and 8 - tense discussions and meetings. A 9 - a love meeting with a single man. A 10 - hopes and plans, a jack - problems. A queen of hearts - a young woman, friend or colleague. Very often she is the mistress of a married man.

A king of hearts - a young unmarried man. Ace of hearts - good financial news. A 6 of spades - a long-distance journey. A 7 - tears and sadness. 8 - feasts and festivities. 9 - problems and diseases.

10 - false hopes. Jack of spades - futile efforts. Queen of spades - malice, jealousy, an enemy. King of spades - a generous man, who is always willing to help. Ace of spades - triumph.