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Another Method for Love Divination with Cards

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is believed that divination using regular playing cards very accurately shows when you will fall in love and what your upcoming relationship will be like. With a simple prognosis, you can determine the type of people around you and what types you will meet in the future.

Shuffle 36 playing cards - from a 6 to an Ace. Pick out 3 cards from the deck and place them in the center - they show your thoughts and feelings. On the left and right sides of these 3 cards, arrange another 3 - they signify your present.

Under the cards showing the present, arrange 6 cards - these show your past. Above the cards revealing the present, arrange 6 cards - these show your future.

Once you have arranged all the cards, turn them facing up and interpret the meaning of each one.

Take a look at the drawn cards and see which suit the majority of them belong to - they reveal what events you must prepare for.

Card tricks

Spades - signs of intense passion

Ace - a night of passion

King - a mysterious man

Queen - a female rival

Jack - a young man, who seeks only flings

10 - hidden intentions

9 - loneliness

8 - sex

7 - tears

6 - travels at night

Hearts - signs of love to be experienced

Ace - a gathering, where you will find love

King - single man

Queen - single woman

Jack - problems with a single man

10 - a love date

9 - love

8 - a breakup

7 - illusions

6 - a pleasant journey

Diamonds - signs of unpleasant changes and melancholy

Ace - a home setting

King - a composed and stable man

Queen - a rich and powerful woman

Jack - a horrible breakup

10 - problems at work

9 - cheating

8 - heartache

7 - a conversation

6 - a work-related trip

Clubs - signs of money and riches

Ace - an unexpected meeting

King - a married man

Queen - a married woman

Jack - troubles regarding money

10 - financial proceeds

9 - riches

8 - loss of a large sum of money

7 - a good deal

6 - a trip having to do with money