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Divination with a Spider

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Using a plain old house spider, you can make predictions about whether your wishes will come true. All that's required is to find a spider web somewhere in your home. You can also divine using a spider that has spun its web somewhere outside.

You will need a candle. Think of a wish and light the spiderweb. If it burns all at once, your wish will come true very soon.

If it burns in certain spots, it will partially come true, and if only the area where you touch the candle burns, with the rest of the web hanging down in strips, your wish won't come true because wicked people will prevent it from happening.

Using a spider, you can also find out details about your future love. Catch a spider and put it between 2 windows. Look at where it spins its web.

If the web appears in the top left corner of the window, your happiness will come from the North - your future partner will be living in the northern part of the country or northern part of the city. There is a chance for them to have been born in a far-off northern country. They will most likely have blue eyes and light-colored hair.

Spider Web

If the spider spins its web in the top right corner, your future happiness will come from the East: the man will arrive from an eastern country or eastern part of the city or country you're living in, with dark hair and slightly slanted eyes.

If the web is in the bottom left corner, your partner will have a connection to the West - they will either be from a western country or western part of your city/country. They will most likely have light-colored hair and light-colored eyes.

If the web is spun in the bottom right corner, the man will come from a southern country or southern area of the country/city, with dark skin, very dark hair and eyes.

If the spider weaves its web in the middle of the window, expect an entire year in which you won't find a man suitable for you.

After you've found out what the future has in store for you in love, open the windows and let the spider go free, so that its prediction comes true.

If the spider has woven its web in the middle of the window, you need to blow it away with your mouth or with a fan or folded sheet of paper, in order to give love a chance this year, which is looking to be quite lonely.



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