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Divination with a Pet

Jana G.Jana G.

If you want to find out what fate has in store for you, you can do this with the aid of your pets, if you have such.

If you don't have your own pet, you can use the pet of a close friend. It is essential for the animal to recognize you.

Divination with a dog is done using 2 types of treats - meat and something sweet. Chocolate is appropriate for dogs, since these animals cannot digest desserts.

You must serve both types of treats to the dog at the same time and see which one it eats first. If the dog eats the meat first, this means that a lot of work awaits you, but many successes as well. If it eats the sweet first, this means that romantic dates and travels await you.

If the dog does not want to try any of the 2 treats, this means that you should expect very good news related to finances.


You can also peer into the future using a cat. Offer the cat a bowl of milk and a bowl of meat or fish. If the cat begins drinking the milk, this is a sign of successes at work and an increase of your finances.

If it chooses the meat or fish first, this portends many new dates and an expansion of the family in very short order.

If the cat does not try any of the offered temptations, this means that great financial success awaits you. If it turns its back on you and raises its tail, you will manage to avoid considerable trouble.

If it eats nothing but rubs against you and purrs, this is a sign that everything you've planned will come to pass exactly as you want it to.

You can divine using canaries, parrots and other feathered pets. You need to present them with several crumbs. If they eat them, expect financial success. If they do not, expect a pleasant surprise. If they fly off frightened, high amounts of revenue await you. If they begin to chirp, happiness awaits you very soon.

Fish can also predict your future. Pour a little bit of food in their aquarium. If they all swim toward the food together, expect serious financial gains, and if they swim separately, you will receive a promotion. If the fish refuse to eat and stay at the bottom, expect a period of serenity.



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