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A Coffee Divination Lesson

coffee divination

There are people who look into coffee grounds and can tell in detail when we may get married, if you will start a new job and will even guess your zodiac sign. Some say it is a natural gift, but if we think a little more clearly, you will come to the conclusion that actually reading the coffee is not that difficult. If you have the imagination, one can count the shapes that vary in a cup. Let us not forget that watching coffee should remain more fun than compelling information in which to believe unquestioningly.

Reading coffee is a method that has been practiced for centuries, but no one can tell the exact date. There are suggestions that it has been practiced for at least 1000 years, as its originals are considered Africa and the Orient. Later, this method of interpretation of the future spread to Europe and America. According to one hypothesis, the practice of drinking coffee originated in Ethiopia, then Arab traders brought it to Europe, and hence - worldwide.

Gypsy Travellers were probably the first coffee seers. According to them, each cup keeps the secrets of those who drank it and more - while sipping fragrant drink problems, thoughts, emotions and dreams are printed on the bottom of the cup.

A lesson in gazing begins with the essentials - the type of coffee. It must be Turkish, because only it gets such thick sludge. It is advisable for it to be prepared in a copper pot in the presence of the person you would be divining for. It is imperative that the beans are finely ground. The darker the drink is, the more clear figures you will eventually receive. Optionally, you can brew coffee with or without sugar, but cook it over low heat.

turkish coffee

Most suitable are round white porcelain cups. The dish must be pre-washed and dried - both ritually, to clean it from negative influences. Before you start reading, it is imperative to get rid of your own thoughts and concerns.

Ask the person you would be reading, to direct their thoughts to what most interests him at the moment. A cup of the drink must be served with the handle forward, for the person you will be reading for, to grab it with both their hands. They should sip slowly and only from one place. When finished drinking, they should spin the cup three times in a counterclockwise direction and place it on the plate to drain.

Characters are formed and dried in about five minutes. Time to turn the cup and start with the interesting part.

Unleash your imagination! All characters, lines and shapes in dark coffee matter. Do not underestimate even small items and characters. If you are a beginner, start with the distinction between the larger pieces. Leave it all to intuition.

The position of the pieces in the cup speak about when it will happen or whether these predictions have already occurred.

At the bottom is drawn the past, the present environment represents the middle and the upper part of the cup is imprinted with signs for the future. If the figures are closer to the edge, the events will happen sooner.

Especially important is for people to have images that are close to the handle. It is assumed that the handle is the connection between the cup and the one who holds it. So the symbols in this section are key to enjoying more success. The bigger ones are important to your life.

coffee  beans

A familiar claim is that the less sediment in the cup there is, the better. A bright cup portends a happy life, little problems and nice future. Otherwise - if the coffee is collected in a large volume on the walls, expect trouble and care. Scattered dots indicate movement, distinct lines - plans to implement a particular purpose, wavy ones mean uncertainty and ambiguity - obstacles. If the coffee was spilled on the outside wall of the cup, it means an upcoming trip.

If you see a long trail, it means a long time. Shapes that have emerged on the plate, while the sludge is drained, are also important.

Besides animals, objects and human figures in the cup, there can often be different numbers and letters. Numbers are symbols of time. If the shape is small, it is a day, bigger means months and years. The letters could rather be interpreted as the initials of people who are important to the one who is being read. The importance of the letters is revealed by their proximity to the handle of the cup - if close, surely are the initials are those of your nearest person - friend, relative, lover, spouse or child.

These are basic principles for coffee gazing. Remember that it should bring you pleasure. Do not leave the coffee divination to dictate your life and do not take any information at face value, but rather as an option or as coincidence. We're the ones who control our fate at any moment. That is why our future is not in the coffee, but the outlook and decisions we make.