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How to Summon a GhostHow to Summon a Ghost
10 July
If you get the urge to hug the ghost, don't do it, for you will end up suffering very severe consequences....
How to banish a ghostHow to banish a ghost
26 Mar.
Should be worn in a red bag, for happiness. For banishing spirits, the cover is immersed in vinegar and left to soak for three days and then every corner of the house should be sprayed with this vinegar....
Ghost Minister wants justiceGhost Minister wants justice
08 Dec.
In the Supreme Court building in Tbilisi the post has been wandering for several weeks. First, the ghost was spotted by the guards of the court....
US is Building a Ghost Town for ExperimentsUS is Building a Ghost Town for Experiments
10 June
The 1st projects that the endorsers of the modern ghost town from the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation will be working on will have to do with developing package delivery drones and driverless cars....
Vicious Ghost Attacks Students in PeruVicious Ghost Attacks Students in Peru
07 June
In fact, there may be several ghosts rampaging about. Earlier this year a ghost was also seen at a Malaysian school....
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
According to urban legends, in order to call upon the ghost of Bloody Mary, a person must stand in front of a mirror and say her name 3 times....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
According to legend, however, calls this way to the ghost kill those who violated the peace she is in. This story previously served as an idea for the film "Candyman"....
Ghost Plane has Been Time Traveling for Decades NowGhost Plane has Been Time Traveling for Decades Now
14 Mar.
Rescue crews began their search for debris from the craft and for the bodies of the passengers. Not a trace was found after days of searching....
Michael Jackson's Ghost Appears in a PhotoMichael Jackson's Ghost Appears in a Photo
26 May
It's possible that this really is the ghost of Jacko. Recall that media have mentioned in the past that the entertainer's ghost still wanders among the living....
Ghost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer MatchGhost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer Match
25 Apr.
Of course, the event during the match became a reason for heated debates in social media....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
The ghost, also known as a spirit, in mythology and fantasy is an image without form and most often embodies the soul of a deceased person or animal....
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The ghosts appeared more than twenty times....
Three-Eyed Calf-God Born in IndiaThree-Eyed Calf-God Born in India
19 Sept.
People from the entire village and nearby populated areas come to pet the extraordinary calf for luck....
Signs That a Ghost is Trying to Contact youSigns That a Ghost is Trying to Contact you
31 Aug.
If you'd like to not make this mistake in the future, learn the several signs that a ghost is trying contact you below. Find out how to pick out the signs from the spirit realm. 1....
A Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of PeopleA Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of People
30 Oct.
Mystery and ghost experts confirmed that the apparition was the sign of a woman who had died in a Thai Airways airplane crash in 1998. The mysterious woman had been a stewardess for the airlines....