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How to make holy water

How to make holy water

Holy water is water that is charged with spiritual energy in church. People take holy water from church and use it for different purposes.

If you regularly add plain water to the holy one, it will also become the holy - so the holy water will last you for a long time.

With holy water, you can drive out evil spirits from the house, as all corners are sprayed with it. It helps with many problems.

You can make holy water alone at home, but it will differ somewhat from the holy water that you brought home from church - not in its composition, but rather its spiritual charge, as holy water from church was consecrated by a priest.

The most common way to make holy water is to take holy water from an open reservoir. Twice a year, the water in open reservoirs is considered holy and it never changes its composition, if you take some in a glass bottle.

The first time is midnight to four o'clock in the morning on the night of the nineteenth of January. This water is called dead water. The other case is the seventh night of July, again between midnight and four o'clock in the morning. This water is living water.

Both have the qualities of holy water. It is good to add a silver object to this water for two days that will load it with more energy. For every three liters of water, put one hundred grams of silver. Spoons, forks, and jewelry of silver are all suitable. They should not have stones, gold and other metals.

You can take water from home, take it to church and keep it close to yourself during the service. If you have icons in your home, leave the water under an icon for one day.

Holy water is placed in the refrigerator and kept in the room, near the icon, even if it is just a small image of a saint.

If a person is sick, they should drink holy water several times a day in three gulps and their relatives must pray for their fast recovery whenever they sip.

Holy water is always drank in three sips. If you suffer from sleeplessness , drink holy water before bed time, for nine days.

In many places, you will read that water is alive and remembers the energy around it. If the water is charged with positive energy, we drink in this positive energy and vice versa if it is loaded with negative energy.

Homeopathy uses precisely the ability of water to "remember" energy-informational messages. When they come into contact with humans, they transmit the information which they are charged with.

One of its unique properties is that it can also be purified. When evaporated, water gets rid of the garbage accumulated in it, and returns to its initial structure, ie programmed with life.