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How to Achieve your Goals


Why is it our determination goes in the trash faster than even Christmas decorations? What stops us from being the best version of ourselves? Here are seven tips to help you stick to your goals and achieve desired results.

1. Start now. What more are you waiting for? Beginning of the week? Of the month? The next full moon?

It is tempting to postpone the pursuit of objectives until you will feel better prepared. Use now and start to achieve all the things you crave and deserve.

2. Save your goals. Many psychologists and experts on motivation recommend this method. By haing your goals on paper, you turn vague thoughts into a strong start.

Describe briefly:

- What you want
- How to get it
- When you must have it

Then put your goals on the wall in the organizer, on a screen saver, anywhere as long as you see them and they inspire you.

3. Beat barriers. If you lie in bed and argue with yourself if you really want to visit the gym, there are some barriers that must be overcome. Make sure that done so as to be not subject to negotiations, such as going for work.

Often we give ourselves barriers, because we doubt whether we can achieve the desired or hidden and do not believe that we really deserve it.


4. Be at peace with yourself. Accept that there will always be unforeseen gaps in the plan. Try not to blame yourself and do not see them as a good excuse to quit.

5. Enjoy. Remember that everything you do is to improve your life. Ways in which you do this, need to keep you entertained.

6. Be real and stick to reality. To want to look sexy in your jeans is an achievable goal. To get the eternal devotion of Robert Pattinson is probably not. Dreams are a great thing, but sometimes, they have to be subjected to evaluation on how viable they are. Your goals should be specific, with measurable impact, realistic and achievable.

7. Be kind to yourself. Do not say that you will be miserable if you fail. Remind yourself how fabulous you will feel when you succeed. Replace words like "should" with "want" and "love."