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How to improve our senses

How to improve our senses

Our senses are interrelated and constantly changing. There are some ways to restore the strength of a sense. Extinction of all types of feelings is associated mainly with age.

The older people get, the worse their heart and nerves work, so stimulation for them and for the result is more needed.

The sound must be strong, the taste must be more intense, otherwise one can hardly feel them. Hearing loss with age was observed in over fifty percent of people over seventy-five years. It happens under the influence of very loud noises, genetics, high blood pressure and even smoking.

Vision of people deteriorates after the fortieth birthday, because your eyes start to dry. Most people at this age put special glasses for reading, and many use them in everyday life.

Taste buds in older middle age people, reduces the smell compared to ten years earlier. Our sense of smell serves mainly to enjoy the flavors, but it is a tool that warns us of possible danger, such as deterioration of products.

Smells may disappear because of anorexia, accidents, illness, mental disorder, mental illness, Alzheimer's, etc. Smell is more acute when we are hungry, but also during spring and summer. To keep the sense of smell in shape, get regular exercise and avoid unpleasant odors.

Taste can not work without olfactory receptors that are located in the nose - without them we can not create a proper process of taste. For maximization of taste, cook food so that can be easily identified by it’s aroma.

The taste may be affected by some medicines. To develop your taste, eat slowly, focusing on the food and its taste. Avoid foods that are too sweet and too salty, spicy dishes and too much alcohol.

Drink more water when you eat, concentrate on eating, do not watch TV - so you get more enjoyment from the food and enjoy the taste.

The sense of touch gives us much information about the environment. But age, illness, accidents and other causes change that feeling.

To improve your sense of touch, try to be focused on how you interact physically. Your fingertips are a key moment in the sense of touch, that helps you determine the texture of each object.

To improve your eyesight and keep your eyes in good health, regularly eat products containing Vitamins A, B, C and E. They can be found in whole plants and fresh fruit and vegetables.

In summer, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Strange as it sounds, video games, especially those which require implementation of many activities, improve vision. This is due to the increase in contrast sensitivity of vision, which is expressed in the ability to distinguish objects from each other and the background behind them.