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Signs That a Ghost is Trying to Contact you


Even when they've gone to the spirit realm, the souls of the deceased may once again seek out the company of their still-living relatives. The reasons for this phenomenon vary quite tremendously.

But usually they do this because they miss a certain presence and want to feel it once again. Another possibility is that your deceased loved ones feel that you have need of their support and therefore seek to contact you.

It's also possible that they are trying to warn you about a danger lurking over you. Many have shared that they've avoided accidents thanks to a message from a spirit.

Still, even with the wandering spirits around us sending signs frequently, we have the habit of ignoring them. If you'd like to not make this mistake in the future, learn the several signs that a ghost is trying contact you below. Find out how to pick out the signs from the spirit realm.

1. Strange sensations


Have you ever felt like someone was lightly touching you or sitting next to you while you slept? This isn't just your imagination. It's simply the spirit of a relative wandering around you.

2. Dreams

Dreams of deceased relatives indicate that they're thinking about you and protecting you, keeping an eye on you from another realm.

3. A sudden change in temperature

You may have felt an icy breeze during hot weather before. Or seen doors start to move without there being any wind at all. These kinds of phenomena can also be considered signs of paranormal activity in your home.

4. You're clumsy with physical items

You're always dropping utensils and other objects, spilling drinks, breaking glasses, losing your keys. These are all signs that someone from beyond is trying to grab your attention.

5. Your TV is out of control

Your TV turns itself on or off for no apparent reason. The volume increases sharply, without you even touching the remote.