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How to attract wealth to your home

How to attract wealth to your home

Many people believe that using a particular type of statue, recommended by experts in feng shui can banish forever the problems at home and attract wealth.

This is not so simple. According to feng shui all life on our planet is loaded with great energy, called chi. The home is also a living organism and it has its own energy.

Bad energy attracts diseases and failures, and good energy is a magnet for wealth and success. So first you need to clear your house of bad energy, then buy figurines.

Objects that stand still for years, plunged into the corners of cabinets, in boxes under beds and other inaccessible places, tend to die, lose their energy.

If a garment is lying without touch for one year, it attracts bad energy. So, throw it away. Without thinking, throw and hand out everything you carry more than one year.

At least twice a year rearrange youir clothes. Wooden furniture and glassware tend to keep their energy for decades. You can refresh their energy by washing them with cold water.

The same goes for metal objects. Gems do not die but have memory. If they were in the room during the scandal, they emit negative energy.

Each item must have its place. Clothes must be in the closet, shoes - in boxes. Dispose of dusty memorabilia, posters and calendars.

Imagine your home as a computer in which files should be organized in folders. Such a system will ease your life’s troubles and attract the free flow of energy. That will attract money and wealth to your home.