How to be happy

How to be happy

Nobody can turn back time and start over, but anyone can start a new beginning from today and build their future. Before we do this transformation, we should stop doing things that pull us back.

Here are some ideas for starters:

1. Stop spending your time with the wrong people - Life is too short to share it with people who do not appreciate you enough. Remember that there are important people who are near you when you're on top, and those who stand firmly behind you when you're at the bottom. They are your true friends.

2. Stop running from your problems - Stand up against them and overcome them. This will not be easy ... but escape is not a solution, it only complicates and deepens them. No man on earth, easily solves all problems that get in the way, we are just not constructed that way, but it is necessary to go through it to stand and move forward. In fact, we are created to get lessons - including being repeatedly undermined and hurt. This is the meaning of life - to learn from the difficulties and solve them in time. This is the way to become who we are. 3.

3. Stop lying to yourself - You can fool everyone else in the world, but you can not fool yourself.

4. Stop putting your own needs behind those of others - The most painful thing is to lose yourself while trying to please the man whom you love so much. Do not forget that you're special too! Yes, help others, but also help yourself. If ever there was time to do something that matters to you ... it is now.

5. Stop trying to be someone else - One of the biggest challenges of this world - is to be yourself in a world that tries to make you like everybody else. "Traces left by untravelled paths." In this world there will always be someone prettier, smarter, richer and younger, but they will never be like you. Do not change to please others. Be yourself and the right people will love your.

6. Stop living in the past - You can not start a new chapter when constantly reread old ones.

7. Stop fearing mistakes - Doing something that might not do well is at least 10 times more productive than doing nothing. Every success has traces of failures behind it and every failure is a road leading to success.

8. Stop judging yourself for old mistakes - We can love the wrong person or cry for the things wrong, but no matter how wrong it all is, one thing is certain – it all helps to find the right person and life, which are suitable for us. We all make mistakes, struggle, and even feel sorry for the things in our past, but you're here and now and it only depends on you what your future will be.

9. Stop trying to buy happiness - Many of the things we want cost money, but the truth is that the things that make us really happy are the things we can not buy with money - love, laughter, passion, friendship.

10. Stop looking for happiness with other people - To feel comfortable with someone, you must first feel good with yourself. You can create your own life stability, then you can share it with someone else. Love yourself, then others, such as yourself will love you.

11. Stop being idle - No one will knock on the door and offer you the future. Do not think too much or you will create a problem that never existed at the beginning. Assess the situation and take action to solve the problem. You can not change what does not depend on you, but progress involves taking some risk.

12. Stop thinking that you are not ready - No one ever feels one hundred percent ready when they need to take a new opportunity. The greatest opportunities in life are provided, where we least expect them, so how could we be fully prepared for them.

13. Stop trying to be bound with someone- "Better alone than badly accompanied" There is no need to rush. If something is meant to happen it will happen at the right time with right person, for the best reason. You will love when you are ready, not when you're lonely.

14. Do not dismiss new relationships simply because the old have not worked - In life you will find that everything happens for a reason and people we meet on the way are part of something. Some will suffer, others will use us, but others will give you a valuable lesson. Most importantly, though, that way you will find the most suitable one for you.

15. Stop competing with others - Do not worry about what others are doing better than you, and concentrate on improving your own performance each day. Success is a battle within yourself.

16. Stop envying others - "Envy is a bad advisor". It draws your energy to the other person. It will not be easy, but try to think of what you would like to own rather than what others have.

17. Stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself - Life is a series of crossroads - to get to the road which is intended for you. Obstacles will stand in the way - sometimes to show us that it is time to change course. Follow the signs and opportunities available to you, rather than tread in one place! You may not understand this all of the time, as it may be hard to overcome a situation, but ultimately the road will lead you to a better place, person, state of mind or situation. A smile will make everyone understand that on this day you are much stronger than you ever were ... Smile and take your life in your hands!

18. Stop holding anger in your heart - Do not live your life with hate, because it will ultimately harm you more than the people targeted by it. Forgiveness does not mean that the bad things others have done to you are good, but to rid ourselves of hate means to prevent it from destroying your chances to be happy. Find inner peace and move forward to have a brighter future!

19. Stop allowing others to pull you back – Stop demeaning to their level, rather than rising above it.

20. Stop wasting your time by explaining to others - Your friends do not need it, those who are not your friends- even less so. Do what you know in your heart is correct.

21. Stop the cycling in the same place - The best time to take a deep breath is just when you think you have no such time. Do it and you'll see better prospects, which will lead to better results.

22. Stop neglecting the little things in life - One day you may look back and see that where you paid the least attention, you were the most happy. Things like a smile, a glance, a hug from a loved one.

23. Stop striving for perfection - Perfect people do not exist! The real world does not encourage perfectionists, but people who work efficiently and get results.

24. Stop just going with the flow down the path of least resistance - Life is not easy, especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile. Do not choose the easiest path because it requires the least effort. - In most cases the easiest way makes you weak. The results are the waste of the efforts that you have made.

25. Stop pretending that everything is fine, if it is not – it is not always necessary to look strong and to male it seem that everything around you is going well, if it is not. Do not think about people's opinions, we all have weak moments in our lives. Cry if you cry, it will help more than faking happiness. The sooner you give freedom to tears, the sooner you will be able to smile again.

26. Stop blaming others for your own problems - The extent to which you can achieve your dreams depends on the extent to which taking responsibility for your life. When you blame others for your woes, you assign responsibility and give an opportunity of external factors to influence your life.

27. Stop doing everything for everyone – you do not have to be of benefit to everyone all the time. It is impossible and you will perish. Ask someone to smile and maybe it will not change the world, but it will change theirs, when done at the right time. If anyone who needs help is handed a hand by one person, it would change the world.

28. Stop worrying about everything - Ask yourself: "Will this problem have the same importance to you after a year? After three years? If the answer is "no" - perhaps there is nothing much to worry about.

29. Stop thinking about what you do not want to happen - Focus on what you want to happen. Positive thinking is the foundation of every great success story. If you wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful will happen today and pay special attention to that, you will soon realize that you are right. Appropriate reading would be the books "Positive Thinking", or "The Secret"- the author of which is Rhonda Byrne, or the documentary on “The Secret”. Good luck!

30. Stop being ungrateful - No matter how good or bad you think your life is, go to sleep at night by being thankful for everything, including that you are alive. - Someone out there fighting for his life at this moment!