How to see Auras

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Everyone has an aura, say our esoteric practices of ancient times. But what is aura? These are the vibrations of the soul, bioenergy field around the human body, colored in shades that change under the influence of various factors.

Aura looks like a halo, and is composed of three layers - physical, intellectual and emotional. The density of the aura varies from one millimeter to twelve inches.

It is believed that when a person dies, the aura fades and tapers. People lose their aura, then die. The color of the aura is different for each person.

It allows you to know the mood, general psychological, physical abilities and nature of a person. Not everyone can see the human aura.

There is one simple way you can see auras. But it requires effort and long workouts. Sit against a mirror, and your background must be white or light gray.

The surface of the wall behind you should be well lit, so that your shadow does not fall on it. Relax and look in the mirror and defocus your vision.

Do not move eyes from the mirror and try not to blink. After five to ten minutes you will see a slight glow around your body. If you see colors, do not focus your eyes because they will disappear. Remember the colors.

After about a month Exercise, you will be able to see auras of other people, and learn to discern the slightest change in color. This will tell you in what state are others.

Very often people's favorite color turns into the background color of their aura. For example, a red aura means power and energy, but also prone to nervous disorders.

Crimson hue characterizes explosive kind of hidden disabilities, and bright red is inherent in the impulsive egocentrics. Pink is especially common in young people, because of immaturity issues. The pink color in an adult suggests a certain infantilism.

Orange means that the person is attentive to all that surround them. Golden orange notes composure, and brown - pride.

Golden yellow hue in the aura is a sign of friendship and mindfulness. Reddish notes issue indecision and dependance on the opinion of others.

Green shows levity, tends to charge others for personal problems, but a friendship to be valued. These people are sentimental, but adaptive. They have a strong connection with nature.

The blue color is stunning in every respect. People with blue auras are spiritually mature. Navy indicates jumps in mood and incredible wit inherent in the people with creative and scientific professions.

Purple is a transition to blue. People with purple aura are always looking for themself and their vocation. If the aura is close to purple, it means striving for power.

White is the color of purity and spiritual harmony. When the soul is in perfect harmony, all colors are mixed up, and glow white.



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02.01.2013 12:06
WOW! This really works
20.07.2014 22:19
did you really try the mirror trick?
23.09.2012 20:32
I like it.. and I'll try it, but I have to tell that I won't believe until I see with my eyes :P