How to Control Our Dreams


When we dream we travel to a much different world. At first glance, our dreams seem completely real. We might dream that we are falling, that we are being chased or even experience erotic adventures.

And these dreams seem so real that after waking up it takes us a few minutes to realize that actually they are not. Whether it's a nightmare or beautiful dream, we are not capable of controlling it. Or so we think.

It turns out that through so-called lucid dreaming or controlled dreams, people can control what happens throughout the night.

"Lucid dreaming" has been known to Tibetan Buddhists for 1000 years. They would practice yoga dreams, through which they trained the power of their subconscious and mental will.

According to some experts, controlled dreams can be both fun and beneficial.

They explain that any person can learn to control their dreams and also add that it can be a useful tool for learning more about ourselves. All of this happens in a safe environment.


Dedicate a special diary for recording your dreams. Place value in your dream and think about it, while trying to discover the hidden meaning in it. Try to find out how your dream is related to your everyday life.

After a few weeks you will discover that supposedly insignificant symbols appear again and again. When you go to bed and before you start dozing off, repeat to yourself that you want to control your dream and try to remain awake as long as possible.

Test yourself by imagining that you are in a dream, then come up with an activity. If you are awake, nothing will happen, but if the activity takes place, it means you are dreaming and you have reached your goal.

When in bed, think about something you want to dream of. Try to think about it longer, in order to increase your chances of dreaming it. If you are too tired, postpone your attempts for another time.

Experts assure that lucid dreaming is completely safe, so give it your best shot.