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How to Read Natal Charts

Natal Chart

Most of us who are interested in astrology or simply want to learn more about ourselves have had their own personal horoscopes made for them, or said more plainly - a natal or birth chart. If you know the exact hour, date, place and year of birth you can easily prepare one using one of the many birth chart calculators found on the internet. The hard part comes when it's time to actually read your natal chart, i.e. your karmic chart or birth chart.

Before you turn to an experienced astrologer, it's better to try to figure it out yourself - all you need is a good book on basic astrology principles. Here are a few points of advice to help you read your natal chart:

- When looking at your natal chart, you'll find that it's divided into 12 houses and 12 zodiac signs. You must be able to recognize the symbols of the different planets and zodiac signs.

- When reading a natal chart, you have to begin by finding out where the Sun is located, as it is a symbol of your inner self, your ego. Determine where the Sun is in the corresponding sign and take general notes according to what it says in your astrology book.

- After you've paid the Sun its due attention, look over to the Ascendant, which is actually your outward expression or simply - your shell. Then it's time to look at the Moon which symbolizes your feelings and emotions.

- Keep in mind that it's also important to keep track of the degrees the Sun and Ascendant lie on, because if they fall within the first 10 degrees of the sign, the previous sign also has an influence. Following this logic, if they are in the middle, they contain the proper essence of the sign, and if they are in the last 10 degrees of the sign, they'll be influenced by the following sign.

- While taking notes, remember to be completely honest with yourself, i.e. even if you don't like a particular trait don't exclude it from your list because you wouldn't be able to correctly read your natal chart.