How to Unlock Your Luck?

Unlocking Luck

Many people believe in the power of negative energies, because they often see in life how smart, hardworking and responsible people have no luck.

Failure is sometimes chronic and something needs to be done to break the black streak of perpetual failure. That's why a number of rituals to unlock luck have been created. These mystical ritual traditions have been inherited from our ancestors and are still relevant today.

The easiest one among them, which doesn't require any magical abilities, is the one for locking luck with a padlock. It is harmless and easy to perform and leaves the feeling that the plea to the universal forces for favor will be heard.

A padlock and key are required - new ones, so that they are not charged by foreign energy influence. The padlock is locked and left under the pillow for 3 nights. It is then taken to a crossroads where a request is made to bring good energy back into life. After the prayer the padlock is unlocked and thrown into running water, along with the key. Water will wash away negative energy.

Another famous and simple ritual is untying the luck with three knots. All knot rituals date back to the deepest antiquity. With string and strong energy, thin energy structures and entities can be tied and untied.

In the past, knots were used to treat diseases, against infatuation, for love and all sorts of other ailments. Thoughts are an energy force, they can materialize and binding and unbinding are actions that amplify or diminish them.

How to Unlock Your Luck?

In the knot is tied what is inside us. Focusing on the goal allows you to clear the mind of everything else. Traditionally, the number of knots is 3, sometimes 7, or 9. They are tied successively, until the conviction is reached that they are enough. The knotted string remains as an amulet and is worn constantly. This is how energy is drawn constantly and work is done to fulfill the desire.

Luck can also be unlocked with sugar, as its crystalline structure is an excellent conductor of energy. Also, sweet things in ancient times was a sign of prosperity.

For this purpose, a small container of sugar is left on the windowsill and in the moonlit evening it is stirred with a spoon, until the inner feeling appears that negative accumulations have been removed and luck has already been released. The ritual is repeated, until there is a positive change in life.