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How to overcome stress

How to overcome stress

We all are faced with stressful situations every day. Even if you seek the help of a specialist who will apply anti-stress therapy, it will not achieve its effect immediately.

People who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown, need an ambulance. Because of the constant stress a person starts to feel a sense of inferiority, then becomes irritable and explosive.

Stress manifests itself in stopping your breathing during sleep, constant sense of helplessness and may even cause severe depression.

Stress has a negative impact on your career, family relationships, as well as physical and mental health. One of the things that will kick stress away, is a feng shui fountain.

The murmur of water isolates attention from unpleasant sounds and the fountain has a psychological impact on the human, as well as humidifying the room’s air.

Beads and anti-stress toys are another way to deal with stress. No matter how strange, beads are really soothing.

Some beads are sold in the form of elastic bracelets, they can be removed and in times of stress, you can roll the beads with your fingers to soothe you.

Stress toys are all kinds of elastic objects that can be squeezed, crushed and tossed - this slows down the muscle tension that accompanies stress.

Gripping and crushing of such objects, which are an alternative to soft rubber figurines, helps to overcome fears, frustrations and other negative emotions.

Stress is also fought with quiet, slow music, like the singing of Gregorian monks. Recordings of the sounds of living nature - the singing of birds, murmur of the rain, splashing waves stimulate the imagination, which carry you to a desert beach or the sunny forest glade are also good.

Essential oils of lemon, jasmine and orange help to set a positive tone. Aromatic candles and a miniature Zen garden on your desk will help you cope with stressful situations.



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