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How to remember your dreams?

How to remember your dreams?

The first step towards understanding and use of dreams is to develop a very good skill, for them to be memorable. Dreams are useless if you simply forget them. Each REM phase contains at least one dream, so you should remember at least two or three to one sleep. Here are some techniques that will help you to remember your dreams better.

Make a diary of dreams. Place a pen and pad/notebook at hand from the place where you sleep. (An alternative option is to use a dictaphone)

How to remember your dreams?

Record all dreams as soon as possible.

- All images, emotions and ideas should be recorded, no matter how vague, incomplete or weird.

- No need to try to arrange the entire dream. Just write what you remember, even if it is illogical and unrelated

- Be as open and honest when recording the dream.

- Record your dreams in your diary so you can easily keep track of repetitive things, and to receive assistance and information from it and for other users too.

Before going to bed:

- Expect to remember your dreams

- Review previous dreams

- Remember the day of the backwards

"When closer to the time of Sleep, start to repeat "I will wake up after every dream." and "When I wake up, I will remember my dream." (You can combine them somehow, if you wish). An alternative to this is to record how you say these things at least 10-15 minutes.

When you wake up:

- Close your eyes and do not move until you remember many things. It sometimes helps to stay in the position where you were while you were sleeping.

- Track-to-back your dreams

- Try to remember your dreams

- Keep a record of everything in the diary including if you wake up in the middle of the night as you can save keywords

- Think of events that may have caused the dream

- Do not be disappointed if you do not remember anything

- Do not push yourself too much to remember your dreams

- Do not forget the dream before you save it

Things to keep in mind in your daily lives:

- Re-dream

- Take-all dreams

- Watch and remember the dream as a skill

- Expect to remember a dream during the day

- Do not compare your skills to remember a dream with another