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How to Wake Up Effectively

Jana G.Jana G.

How many people actually greet the new day with a smile instead of glancing at the clock with a sour look and dragging themselves to the kitchen to make coffee?

You can easily learn to transform waking up into something delightful. According to biorhythmology, the science which studies biorhythms and their laws, getting up early does not bode well for the body if you are a night owl, since it requires the use of additional resources of your body to stay awake.

According to biorhythmology, all biological processes are subject to the cyclical influence of the Moon, Sun, planets, comets and depend on the gravitational and geometric fields of the planet.

These influences have different effects on a person's body. They can best be utilized depending on the individual abilities of a given person.

Biorhythmology states that the main synchronizer of intracellular biorhythms is the transition between day and night. The violation of these physiological rhythms leads to pathological processes, diseases and quick deterioration of the body.

For example, proteins consumed before bed are not digested by the morning but are dissolved under the influence of various microorganisms, since during that time of day the stomach does not secrete the necessary substances.


This causes the formation of endotoxins, which poison the body. As a result of this, a person has nightmares, difficulty waking, muscular fatigue.

To wake up more easily, follow the main rule - do not overeat before bed.

Eastern medicine tells of 3 periods, which occur twice throughout the day, each one lasting 4 hours. Thus, the period of heaviness and serenity lasts from 6 to 10 AM.

If you wake up in this period, the heavy feeling will remain throughout the whole day. The period from 2 to 6 AM is characterized by freshness and if you are able to get up before 6 in the morning, your day will be pleasant and nice.

It is harder to wake up at 7 than before 6. Then immediately head for the bathroom and alternate between warm and cold water to freshen up.

A morning shower is a way to correctly distribute the electric charge along your body. The Earth's surface has a negative charge and the feet become negatively charged, while the head, due to breathing positively charged air, becomes positively charged.

In this way, the mid section of the human body is neutrally charged. But since modern man is separated from the Earth's surface in all sorts of ways, a morning shower can equally distribute the charge along the body.

This can also be achieved by walking barefoot. And to feel even fresher after waking, submerge your entire face in a deep container with cold water. Hold your breath and blink your eyes energetically.

Holding your breath creates a surplus of carbon dioxide in the body, which helps for waking up faster and your eyes will open on their own.