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How to Hypnotize Someone

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Suggestion, used by hypnotists, can also be used by people without much experience, thanks to tried methods.

The best of these is the technique of leading a conversation. The secret is to carry out the conversation in such a way so as to search for subjects that interest the other person. After which, when you have found a topic that interests the person, present yourself as a good listener.

In this way, you will be able to more easily find a way to influence their consciousness. The voice of the hypnotist must not be too shrill, nor to sound like a murmur. The best intonation is that which is close to the one of the other person.

If they are speaking too loudly, you should speak quieter and they will be forced to lower their voice. Also use your gaze ably. High energy is concentrated in the eyes of a person. A magnetic look will greatly impact the brain of the other individual, which creates an influence similar to a hypnotic one.

In the beginning of your conversation, you must look them right in the eyes with an attention-riveting gaze. This stare must express powerful will, resolve and concentration.

If the individual avoids your stare, look to their side. When they try to look at what you're looking, grab their gaze with yours. This is the exact moment where you can instill suggestions within the person.

In order to learn how to hypnotize people with a stare, you must perform special exercises, with which to train your power.


You must train your look every day. Take a piece of paper and draw a circle with a diameter of 3/4″ (2 cm). Concentrate on it and, without blinking, stare straight at it for 5 min, then gradually increase the time.

Soon you will notice that your eyes no longer tear up and the gaze exercise will appear quite easy. At that moment, begin to wander around the room without taking your gaze off the circle.

Once this exercise is also perfected, make a few circles on different sheets of paper. Look at one circle, then at another, while concentrating on only one of them from time to time. Practice the focusing of your stare on the middle of your nose every day.

While attempting to impress a given thought in someone, speak with a clear, but calm hypnotic voice, gaze into them, focusing on their eyes and repeating certain words in your mind.

Think the following: you like me, everything I tell you is fascinating, you and I are one whole. I am your heart and your soul. You will do what I tell you.

You will be convinced that this skill of yours will be quite useful in many situations in life and you will be able to instill thoughts in people that you talk to.



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