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How to learn telepathy?

How to learn telepathy?

Learning Telepathy means referring to or waking the telepathic abilities that actually exists in dormancy in each of us. Any attempt by that body power in a part of your life provokes the force to manifest itself by having a shadow of the impending event.

If your son wants to feel the pain and remember his mother during an operation in hospital, the mother which is thousands of miles away, is likely to feel anxious about the safety of her son, although she could not explain why she is indeed sad and anxious.

How to learn telepathy?

In some cases, the situation may appear more vibrant and more precisely.

One can learn Telepathy provided that he/she wants to work hard with perseverance and dedication. Instructive work requires compliance with certain mental and physical discipline, in addition to making regular classes in meditation.

These exercises are intended to sharpen the awareness and develop the concentration of the mind, and also to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts. The student should understand and have faith in the basic ideas underlying the psychological forces, such as the existence of a general or universal consciousness that connects every living thing with everything else.

Telepathy includes not only sending but also receiving the information. This is a psychological exchange of thoughts and ideas. This means the design of certain feelings and intentions without having to use words by the scientific or natural resources.

So you have all this to begin and as you start to practice with the simple exercises such as the transmission of images and your psychological or read identification. The exercise may involve two friends. One may be the sender and the other to be the recipient. The sender can think about a symbol, color, number or letter of the alphabet. The sender, at least initially, may even provide advice or probable the recipient IDs and ask about the correct answer. At a later stage they can be sent as more complex messages. The distance can also be increased.