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Fire colors loaded with passion and energyFire colors loaded with passion and energy
12 Jan.
water will make your relationship with your partner much more open and sincere. Shells that are found during vacation at the beach, or pieces of colored glass will load the room with positive energy. You can put on a...
Pearls are loaded with powerful magicPearls are loaded with powerful magic
04 May
. The necklace is made in the IV century BC and was an amulet, in which everything is calculated with mathematical precision. Jewelry consists of three threads, each of which is strung with 72 pearls, with nine beads...
Talismans and amulets: meaning and colorsTalismans and amulets: meaning and colors
15 Aug.
amulets and talismans in the form of jewelry. Each talisman and amulet brings a different energy depending on its color. Red symbolizes passion, courage, strength, good health and strong emotions. This color can be...
Birch talismans against negative energy and depressionBirch talismans against negative energy and depression
22 May
Birch is one of the most useful trees for humans, say Russian experts in the study of energy crops. For centuries, many nations called the birch the tree of life and connect it with fertility and magic. Birch twigs...
Green Color Symbolism and MeaningGreen Color Symbolism and Meaning
08 Dec.
Colors influence our psyche. If we can identify green briefly, the most appropriate would be - optimism and abundance. Most often characterize green as the color of nature - birth, renewal, and the beginning of new...
How to Charge Yourself with EnergyHow to Charge Yourself with Energy
10 May
morning. This will help to tighten the allocation of work on your muscles and will offer not only tone, but a firm body. Use essential oils with energizing action that can flavor the room in which you work. Energizing...
Yellow Color Meaning and SymbolismYellow Color Meaning and Symbolism
08 Dec.
The is a yellow symbol of the sun, the source of heat and light, without which life on Earth is impossible. Yellow fills you with positive energy. The significance of the yellow color in different eras and in...
Passion, Tenderness and New Relationships in the Love Horoscope this DecemberPassion, Tenderness and New Relationships in the Love Horoscope this December
05 Dec.
Taureans are likely going to go on a romantic trip in the coming days and give in to fiery passions with their partner. Gemini - For non-single Gemini, December is their lucky month. They're going to feel loved...
Getting a Haircut Cleanses your Energy and Changes your LifeGetting a Haircut Cleanses your Energy and Changes your Life
17 Apr.
to attract the opposite sex. But hair also serves women as a sort of protective shield that is the first to swallow up the negative energy around them. When a given lady has many enemies, enviers and ill-wishers, her...
Symbolism and meaning of the color redSymbolism and meaning of the color red
07 Oct.
, life and blood, power and revolution, of anger and passion, fire and jealousy. It is a background color in the ideology of communism. Red is used on road signs saying "stop", indicating a threat, a red lantern suggests...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color PinkSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Pink
07 Jan.
and white, more of a nuance of these rather than its own hue. It is believed to bring together the energy of the color red and peace of the color white. Additionally, pink is considered the sweet side of red - the...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BlueSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Blue
10 Feb.
things we think of. It is said that the color blue is empty to some extent, filled with a sort of peculiar chill and aristocracy as well. What the specific symbols of these associations are we can derive from...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color GreySymbolism and Meaning of the Color Grey
25 Jan.
diseases. Plus, they bear a specific meaning. Colors are peculiar symbols that act as psychological catalysts and are used in numerous systems of influence. For example, the color grey is loved by workaholics and...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BrownSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Brown
07 May
Every color has its own specific meaning and influence. This is why people react differently to the different colors. The color brown is often seen as boring and bourgeoisie. This perhaps lies behind the fact that...
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color OrangeSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Orange
11 June
The color orange, one of the most favored in the color spectrum, is a bright symbol of warmth and pure energy. It embodies the complete balance between consciousness and libido. Orange represents self-confidence...

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