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Passion, Tenderness and New Relationships in the Love Horoscope this December


The month of December will provide an opportunity for many of the representatives of the zodiac signs to develop their spiritual side, plus take a completely different look at their own existence and love itself.

Those of you who are in a harmonious partnership are going to solidify your relations and form not only a physical but an astral relationship. From here on out you're going to be much closer and happier with one another.

But the month isn't going to be positive for everyone. Many of those who feel unsatisfied and tired of their partner's behavior are finally going to work up the courage to break off all contact with them and begin with a clean slate.

Aries - The month of December is going to bring quite conflicting emotions to single Aries, who are on the cusp of a new relationship. Some days, their relations with their potential partner will seem purely friendly, while in others they'll seem romantic. This will confuse them a lot and discourage them at times. Non-single Aries are going to leave love to take a backseat, while they concentrate on their professional realization. Only at the end of the month will they have more time to those dearest to them.

Taurus - Good news for single Taureans! In the next few weeks they're going to be given the opportunity to meet an attractive person of foreign origin. Relations with them will quickly transform into a passionate romance, while at the end of the month they may even start discussing the idea of children and marriage. Non-single Taureans are likely going to go on a romantic trip in the coming days and give in to fiery passions with their partner.

Gemini - For non-single Gemini, December is their lucky month. They're going to feel loved, appreciated and desired by their partner. For single Geminis, the period is also favorable. Even thought in the next weeks they're not going to experience anything more serious on the love front, there's a huge chance of finding their true love mere days before New Year's.

Cancer - This month, your relations with your beloved are going to be a focal point in your life. Those of you who had been overlooking your partner for a long time are finally going to realize your mistake and try to fix it with gifts, romantic dinners and trips. Single Cancers are going to meet an interesting and influential person. Even if they don't start a relationship with that person, there's a high probability of their acquaintance bringing them benefits in the professional aspect.

Leo - Non-single Leos, December is going to turn out to be strained for you. Due to newly created situations, you're drastically going to change your opinion about your partner's relatives and even get into conflict with some of them. This is going to cause a certain degree of chaos in your romantic relations as well. Single Leos are going to feel better by leaps and bounds. Your charm is going to working full steam in the coming weeks and your days will be filled with flirting, meeting new people and dates.

Virgo - December is a month of fun, even for the principled Virgos. For this reason, single representatives of the sign are going to find it very difficult to begin serious and long-lasting relationships. Playful teases will definitely not be lacking. Virgos in a relationship need to be more cautious and exemplary in their behavior in the coming weeks. There's a risk of their insignificant fling being discovered by their partner and costing them their relationship.

Libra - This month is going to turn out to be a fateful one for single Libras. If you start a relationship in December, it's definitely going to be a serious and lasting one. Non-singles of this sign are finally going to have the time to finish some of their hectic tasks and this will make their partner happy. Besides their usual obligations though, they're going to have time left for displays of affection with their favorite person.

Scorpio - Some changes are going to occur in your personal life this month. Scorpios who are in a serious relationship are going to receive a marriage proposal. It's also possible that some of them learn they have a baby on the way. Single Scorpios are likely going to be bored this month, as flirts will be almost completely absent from their daily lives. The good news is there will be time for hobbies and favorite activities, however.

Sagittarius - Throughout this month, non-single Sagittarii are going to handle all of their financial problems. The increased finances coming in will allow for more interesting ways to have fun with their partner and this will bring tranquility and optimism in their relationship. For single Sagittarii, December will be abundant with love adventures. But unfortunately, most of them are going to be insignificant.

Capricorn - The 1st half of the month is going to be exceptionally positive in the love aspect. Single Capricorns are going to find new love during a class or culinary event. Relations are going to be unsteady at first but will quickly transform into a solid partnership. For non-singles of the sign, the period will also be a favorable one. Many of them will begin to appreciate their partner more and see them in quite a different way.

Aquarius - Throughout this month, single Aquarians who have clear plans for the future and are ready for marriage and a family, will likely get what they want. Only the days between December 7th and the 15th aren't going to be particularly promising in this regard but during the rest of the month there's going to be a very high chance of meeting a serious and reliable partner. Non-single Aquarians are also going to remember the last month of the year in a positive light. During the Christmas holidays, they're going to smooth out any tension with their partner and enjoy their company.

Pisces - There's a high probability of a burning romance erupting between you and a magnetic person this December, one you would prefer to keep a secret, however. The object of your attention may in fact not be single, so you're going to have to be very careful. Non-single Pisces are going to attach themselves even more to their partner and have a great need to spend as much time with them as possible.