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Energy Cleansing with Frankincense

Energy Cleansing with Frankincense

Every place and room carries energy, be it positive or negative. Every person entering your office or home leaves some of their own energy. In most public places or spaces where people often pass, the energy is usually heavy and does not affect us favorably.

You may feel sick, exhausted, without energy and discouraged. Therefore, most people strongly believe that every place needs periodic cleansing from negative energy.

There are many methods that are used for this very purpose. Centuries ago, people discovered that various herbs, trees, flowers and even words and thoughts could help purify objects, rooms and places.

One of the most effective methods is cleansing with incense. It is well known among us and is actually a type of aromatic resin that flows from the bark of a specific genus of tree called Boswellia (frankincense tree).

It is believed that cleansing the office and home has healing properties, promotes tranquility, brings happiness, prosperity, good luck and purifies the room of demonic presences. Also, the powerful properties of incense purify the air and bring lightness and freshness. Don't worry if you have diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or allergies - frankincense has a beneficial effect on them too.

What to do before cleansing

For the maximum effect of energy cleansing, it is necessary, first of all, that you yourself are cleansed and in harmony with yourself. You can achieve this in a few easy steps.

Cleansing with Frankincense

1. Take a relaxing shower and clean your body as best as possible. As you do this focus and visualize also clearing your energy and aura;

2. Throw away all unnecessary things from the room you want to purify - these can be things that you do not use and things that were given as a gift by people whose intentions are unclear to you. Throw away the clothes you wore during unpleasant events or meetings with people whose energy is heavy and burdensome. Get rid of broken items and anything that doesn't work, as well as vintage items that you don't know whose ownership they were before you got them;

3. Keep your space clean. Clean the room thoroughly, then tidy it up. You can move some of the furniture around to create variety. Decorate it the way you like and in a way which will create comfort for you;

4. Light candles of choice, since they create the sense of harmony.

How to perform energy cleansing

After completing the above steps, you can proceed to the cleansing itself. It is extremely simple and fast. It is enough to use the frankincense, light it and go through every corner of the room with it (especially the corners). Don't be alarmed by the smoke and smell you will see and smell - they are safe and will disappear quickly. The key to achieving an optimal result is positive thinking. Visualize the positive and good things that are about to happen to you.

When you have completed this step as well, you have officially completed the energy cleansing and can begin to enjoy the harmony you have created.