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Symbolism and Meaning of the Color Brown

Plamena M.Plamena M.
Brown colors

Every color has its own specific meaning and influence. This is why people react differently to the different colors.

The color brown is often seen as boring and bourgeoisie. This perhaps lies behind the fact that it embodies coziness and passive satisfaction. It is life itself but in a purely passive way.

This color is a symbol of stability, reliability and security. It creates a feeling of tranquility and warmth, honesty, healthiness and practicality.

On a psychological level, the brain associates brown with earthly health products, as well as with wood. When we see brown we usually imagine food, tobacco, a hostess, work, tradition, chocolate, coffee, something roasted and more.

In nature, brown is present yearlong. Still, it is most often associated with fall. Its warm nuances perfectly highlight its warmth in turn.

In combination with green, the color brown turns into a synonym for recycling, fertility, longevity and natural products.

The color brown is often used in fashion design, as well as marketing. It is believed to instill a feeling of wholeness, ripeness and solidity in people. Because of this, brown is among the most commonly seen colors in food product commercials.


When it comes to clothing, brown, in all of its shades, is used predominantly for winter collections. It creates a feeling of a soft and cozy warmth. It is a color of choice for those who are resistant to stress, are exceptionally impulsive, conscientious and well-intentioned.

Each nuance of brown bears its own symbolism as well. For example, dark brown shows stability, sophistication, swagger and wealth. Honey brown, in turn, is the embodiment of goals, money, passion, career, professional growth and business productivity.

Beige represents refinement, elegance and a certain concealing of emotions. Reddish brown exemplifies autumn and a rich harvest. Within it we see the coziness of home and good health.