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Pearls are loaded with powerful magic


Pearls help to neutralize the negative energy directed at its owner, say experts on the special properties of gems. These are the only stones that do not require more polishing as they are processed by the water.

For centuries, people drink the powder of crushed pearl and apple vinegar to escape from the melancholy and to expel sadness. In Louvre the pearl necklace was found in a bronze coffin in a residence of kings of Persia.

The necklace is made in the IV century BC and was an amulet, in which everything is calculated with mathematical precision. Jewelry consists of three threads, each of which is strung with 72 pearls, with nine beads followed by three gold beads.

In the Middle Ages there was also some magic power of the pearls. There are different reasons men and women wear pearls. If you do not like jewelry they can be carried in a pocket, wallet or phone.

Pearls are loaded with powerful magic

Men are protected from evil eyes when carrying a pearl. In the autumn and winter they must have at least one pearl to prevent the risk of neurological diseases. It is good to have a pearl when you need to make important choices. Pearl is a good helper upon receipt of unexpected and unpleasant messages.

During spring and summer, it helps when moving to a new location, as well as striving to restore relations with a loved one. In bad weather, men should always have at hand a pearl, but also when they are seized by anxious anticipation.

Women are to wear pearls in autumn and winter to protect them from nervous breakdowns, diseases of the endocrine system and eyes. In summer it is even better to have the beads near her body to protect from stomach problems and to prevent separation from a loved one.

Pearls help women to decide on the problems faster. Suffice her to a pearl necklace, which is used as a rosary, and their concerns will disappear quickly.