Colors in Dreams

Jana G.Jana G.

If the color black is predominant in your dream, this symbolizes uncertainty, danger, a secret, death, hatred and malice. But this is also a sign of the unleashing of your potential and abilities.

If you feel happiness in your dream despite the black nuances in it, this is a sign of the development of your spiritual capabilities. If your dream is in black and white, you need to be more objective in your decisions.

A black and white dream is a symptom of depression and sadness. It is likely that pleasant emotions are lacking in your life. A light blue color symbolizes wisdom and eternity.

It also betrays your desire to put an end to a long-lasting relationship but also your inability to do it due to your attachment.

A dark blue color reveals that you are depressed at the moment and do not believe in your own potential. You have a tendency to listen to the advice of someone who does not wish you well.

A brown color in a dream signifies family happiness and calm. If you are dressed in brown in your dream, this portends attaining wealth soon.


If you see a purple, red or wine color in your dream, this is a sign of quick success and wealth, that you have not expected. This is also a symbol of your power over others around you.

The color white in a dream suggests that you want to hide something even from the people closest to you but you don't know how. The color grey is an omen of fear, depression and diseases.

Green symbolizes a positive change, pregnancy and successes yet to come. An orange color in your dream means that you wish to discover new horizons.

The color yellow has a different meaning depending on your feelings. If you're joyful in your dream and dressed in yellow, you are to prosper using your intellect. If the dream in yellow is unpleasant, expect betrayal from those close to you.