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What is Chi Energy and How to Balance it?

What is Chi Energy and How to Balance it?

In ancient China people realized some truths that were scientifically proven much later. One of them is the understanding of life energy. The Chinese believed that health and longevity were due to the presence of good energy, which they called Chi, and considered it a constituent element of the human body. The higher the quality of this energy that everyone emits, the better will be the energy returned to them by the universe.

Quality energy has high vibrations. Disrupting the way energy circulates leads to disease and accelerates aging.

The notions of the ancient Chinese rest on truth. Everything in the universe is energy, and it is in constant exchange and movement. Quantum physics has proven that the universe is actually made of energy that oscillates and vibrates at different frequencies, and that matter and energy are two forms of the same thing. In the crystallization and condensation of energy, matter is produced.

Therefore, we are all part of a huge energy field and the interactions we carry out generate energy waves. They affect the energy field. Energy waves are the result of our contact with the world, reflected in our emotions, thoughts and feelings.

The energy that surrounds us is external and internal - generally speaking. Internal Chi energy is possessed by all living organisms. Chi flows through them, and it is not the quantity or quality of the energy that matters, but the manner in which it flows. The harmony of Chi is the basis of health, well-being and proper development of the individual.

Therefore, how one controls Chi is the most important thing one should learn in life according to Eastern philosophy.

Chi Energy

The easiest method of balancing Chi is through the Qigong breathing technique - guiding the breath. Energy follows thought, thoughts shape the environment and change life. A strong desire accumulates energy that helps to realize the desire. However, thoughts, feelings and desires must be in harmony with actions.

The correct movement of vital energy helps to store it and thereby preserves the balance in the body. This practically means a strong immune system.

Chigong practice includes meditation, physical exercise, martial arts, Feng Shui and Chinese medical practices. All of them have a healthy effect.