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Fire colors loaded with passion and energy

Fire colors loaded with passion and energy

If your love with your partner has evolved into boring routine, add red and yellow in your home. According to Feng Shui, this will revive the passion of your spouse.

For example, in the kitchen you can attach dried red peppers. A picture that depicts fire will also help to revive your love.

In the bedroom, have a mirror in front of the window to allow it to reflect sunrise and sunset. Besides the red and yellow passions will be ignited by the colors of coffee and tea.

Blue and green will add communication with your partner and create benevolent feelings. If you decide to rush in, you can plaster the walls of the bedroom with wallpaper, with are the colors of all five elements .

These are earth, fire, water, metal and wood. For more sensuality in the bedroom, put a glass container with water, which is painted in purple, emerald or black.

Land and water will make your relationship with your partner much more open and sincere. Shells that are found during vacation at the beach, or pieces of colored glass will load the room with positive energy.

You can put on a shelf in the bedroom pink seashells. If you can not find one, buy a piece of raw amber and put it on the windowsill in the bedroom.

If you see on the beach or anywhere else a pebble that just makes you take it with you, do not hesitate and take it home. It will charge you with positive energy and will take the negative away.

If you decide to surprise your close friend, give them the stone, because it will be loaded with your love and will bring them peace and happiness .