Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who need the energy of others to have power. Very often people are unaware that they have become donors to energy vampires.

But how different is an energy vampire? Surely in your environment there are people that you hate to have at a table, although they look quite well and cause nothing bad to you. But in the presence of such a person you experience a decline in energy and think you are depressed.

Energy Vampires

It is entirely possible to have encountered an energy vampire. Energy vampires can be loaded from different emotions - from joy to negative.

But the most common way to load energy vampires, is by causing annoyance. For example, your familiar, you see that a new suit, says, "It’s Stunning! And did the store not have your size? " This, of course, annoys you, which is welcome for energy vampires.

Another common example of energy vampirism are ever dissatisfied passengers on public transport. As well as they behave, you will always find someone who will deliberately push, and will complain that he gave way. Instead of replying to attacks, better smile. This will reduce food to the energy vampire.

There is another kind of energy vampire - these are people who constantly fight and scream. Energy vampires with low intellectual level, are very assertive and show their arrogance to strangers.

Passive energy vampires tend to cause regret in you. So they tell stories of their own misery and spread blame all round.

Aggression is the crude approach of energy vampires. In its final phase it reaches physical violence. Energy vampires feed on fear - this is particularly true for bosses who want to daunt their subordinates.

To combat the energy vampires, smile broadly and do not indicate that you experience any negative emotions in their presence. We wish them health and luck every time we see them.