Can we interpret our own dreams?Can we interpret our own dreams?
17 Feb.
But every time you overcome one fear we download one link in the chain, which bar a flight of our spirit....
How to Bless Our HomeHow to Bless Our Home
07 Aug.
Once the home is ready, then comes the benediction, which is a natural continuation of the blessing. A priest is called once again, who sprinkles all of the rooms and walls of the home with holy water....
How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Here are the gemstones capable of influencing our dreams. 1. Onyx Stirs the imagination and makes dreams brighter and filled with events. 2. Sapphire Stimulates spiritual awakening....
How to Control Our DreamsHow to Control Our Dreams
15 Apr.
When we dream we travel to a much different world. At first glance, our dreams seem completely real. We might dream that we are falling, that we are being chased or even experience erotic adventures....
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand. The outer side of your hand (posterior) can accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses...
How to Interpret Dreams about CrimesHow to Interpret Dreams about Crimes
19 Jan.
Some may even wonder whether the dream isn't trying to warn them of some danger and they begin keeping an eye out for risky situations, even growing into paranoia....
Dreams, messages from our subconsciousDreams, messages from our subconscious
13 Mar.
In dreams we meet ones character, who experiences the shape of our present times. It is therefore necessary to be able to interpret and understand them....
Do dreams affect our decisions?Do dreams affect our decisions?
05 Dec.
Most people think that dreams mean something in real life, even if their content is actually nothing to do with it....
How to improve our sensesHow to improve our senses
31 Mar.
It happens under the influence of very loud noises, genetics, high blood pressure and even smoking. Vision of people deteriorates after the fortieth birthday, because your eyes start to dry....
Do our bodies renew every 7 years?Do our bodies renew every 7 years?
07 Jan.
One of the issues that concern many people, is whether it is true that our body is renewed every seven years. It is believed that this could happen in ten years, and we become completely new people....
Understanding the Meaning of our DreamsUnderstanding the Meaning of our Dreams
26 July
from the dreamer, and last why did the dreamer dream that particular dream....
Elements in our Dream That Reveal our Subconscious Intimate DesiresElements in our Dream That Reveal our Subconscious Intimate Desires
18 Nov.
Domination If you dream that you're someone's master, it means that you're trying to take control in your relationships as well. Often you don't even consider this or try to hide it from yourself....
How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and WitchesHow to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches
07 Feb.
We learn about it in movies and books but sometimes we can witness magic even while we sleep. Here's how to interpret various dreams in which magic spells are the main focus....
How to Overcome our Own EgoHow to Overcome our Own Ego
18 Dec.
This continued throughout school, high school, university, work and may even continue after death. Heaven or hell, reward or punishment?...
What Mysterious Meetings Signify in our DreamsWhat Mysterious Meetings Signify in our Dreams
26 June
A famous person If you rendezvous with someone famous in your dream, it signifies that you have many dreams but aren't fighting for them and are wasting your time instead. 6....