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How to Interpret Dreams about Magic and Witches


The world of magic is exciting, mystical and fearsome. We learn about it in movies and books but sometimes we can witness magic even while we sleep. Here's how to interpret various dreams in which magic spells are the main focus.

- If you dream that you yourself are casting a spell, it means it's time you changed your opinion on certain issues. It's possible that you've become too hard-set in your understanding of the world and your preconceptions are just getting in your way. You have to open your mind to new possibilities. Things can always be looked at from a different angle.

- A magical occurrence in a dream foretells that you'll be reviving old relationships. Here we could be talking about a romantic relationship but also one related to friendship or business.

- If you see yourself conducting magical wonders in a dream, turning points will occur in real life.

- Dreams where you become a witness to magic and feel at peace indicate that your loved ones will make you happy with good news of some kind.

- A similar dream may also be a sign that certain successes await you very soon.

- If you see a witch casting magic in a dream, you're soon going to save yourself from a huge problem.

- If you're making contact with a wizard in your dream, expect to find the love of your life and get married.

- If you're casting magic spells alongside a witch, you're going to meet a cunning new friend or collaborator.


- If you're using evil magic in your dream to serve your own purposes, you're going to get a friend caught up in drama in real life.

- If you witness black magic in your dream, you have serious cause to worry. This sort of dream portends of troubles, disappointments, embitterment, betrayals.

- If you're casting spells in your dream, you have to be cautious about what kinds of advice you take. Someone is going to mislead you with their so-called advice.

- If you dream of a shaman performing some kind of magic ritual you're going to rediscover yourself and your understanding of the world.