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What Mysterious Meetings Signify in our Dreams


Oftentimes, we're not the only characters in our dreams. We may encounter others, individuals that we do not necessarily know or recognize. Sometimes it's a person we involuntarily see in our daily lives, other times it seems like one who is a figment of our imagination.

Still, the appearance of another person in our dreams is an important sign that we must not ignore. It's an encounter that could save us from difficult situations or show us the right path when we're feeling confused and misunderstood.

When interpreting these sorts of dreams it's important to take note of the outer appearance of the person you're seeing. For example, if you meet up with a friend who looks good, expect support and aid in real life. But if you see a loved one who looks deplorable, expect failures and difficult battles.

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Find out what other things to watch for when interpreting dreams where you meet other people. These will help you decide whether the dream portends obstacles or joy in your life ahead.

1. An ex-partner

If you dream of your ex, you're not feeling satisfied with your current relationship. Those who are alone have need of more attention.

2. An old acquaintance

Unexpectedly, you're going to uncover a secret from the past.

3. A beautiful person in ragged clothing

This type of person predicts mental suffering and breakdowns in your relations with loved ones.

4. A gloomy person

If they are acting nice, despite their depressing appearance, your problems will find a solution. But if their behavior is rough, you're not going to find peace anytime soon.


5. A famous person

If you rendezvous with someone famous in your dream, it signifies that you have many dreams but aren't fighting for them and are wasting your time instead.

6. Twin

If you come upon your twin in a dream, be on the lookout in real life. Serious dangers lurk in the shadows.

7. Guest

If a guest visits you unexpectedly in your dream, don't fear. You're going to receive support and protection from someone.

8. Someone unfamiliar from the opposite sex

If you see an unfamiliar person from the opposite sex in your dream, it means your romantic hopes in real life are going to fall through. Someone is going to disappoint you.