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How to Increase Our Motivation Levels?

Levels of motivation

There is a system that includes several practical steps that will help increase your motivation levels and achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

In the following lines, see how to raise your motivation levels in 7 easy steps:

1. Block the retreat path

If the goal is really serious and important, it makes sense to burn the bridges and cut off the path of retreat, leaving yourself no choice but to move forward. This can mean getting fired from a job you don't like, ending an unhappy relationship, moving to a new place of residence, or, for example, declaring publicly that you quit a bad habit, such as smoking.

This step means that a person has created the conditions that force them to change their lifestyle and move towards the goal. This is a conscious increase in motivation.

Until the bridges are burned, the subconscious mind knows that retreat is possible. And if difficulties begin in business, as it always happens with serious goals, then a person often wants to give up. Therefore, in order to be successful, it is important not to give yourself the chance to give up.

2. Surround your space with motivational symbols

These can be posters with motivational inscriptions hanging in prominent places, a motivational screensaver on a computer, photos with the cherished goal, which are also located near the workplace or in your room. It could be a phone reminder, with an important message for yourself. The more often a person remembers their cherished goal and feels inspiration about it, the closer success is.

3. Communicate with positive and optimistic people

Success and motivation

You should meet positive people and spend more time with them. If a person shares your goals and inspires them to be achieved, then this is your personality. For your part, you should limit your communication with those who do not share your goals and treat them with obvious skepticism or indifference.

It is helpful to meet those who have already achieved the goals you are striving for. They are able to fill you with faith in success and convey their positive attitude. There is a suggestion that you can see your future if you look at the people you associate with the most. If such a perspective does not seem too tempting, it is worth changing the circle of communication, despite the fact that it can be difficult.

Life views and thoughts are very contagious. Therefore, it makes sense to spend more time communicating with people whose worldview is worthy of perceiving.

4. Get inspired every day

The easiest way to increase your motivation is to listen to and read inspirational books every day. Whatever the goal, it is important to read the books of those who have already achieved it. Even 15 minutes a day can provide a serious boost of motivation and inspiration. Books written by highly motivated people are able to convey a positive attitude and increase motivation.

5. Eliminate sources of negativity and replace them with positive sources

If a person has great difficulty motivating, their life is most likely full of negativity.

It is necessary to analyze all sources of information that affect the mood. These can be books, magazines, news, programs on television.

It is necessary to reduce watching the news, ideally completely, because you will never find positive information in it. When reading, it is also worth giving preference to inspirational books rather than heavy ones. The same applies to the cinema - it is better to avoid heavy and sad films and watch light films, comedies, as well as pictures in which good defeats evil.

Successful people

It is important to cultivate laughter, joy and positivity and try to eliminate such emotions as fear, anxiety and worry.

6. Pretend like you've already made it

It is necessary to imagine yourself in the future, what or what you would like to be and carefully look at what this new "you" looks like. What clothes and hairstyle you have, how you behave, what perfume you use. And without waiting for the cherished and distant day, start looking like this today. Such an action gives a powerful motivational effect.

7. Visualize success

Visualization is best done in a calm mood, with music that inspires and charges with positive energy. It is enough to spend only 15-20 minutes a day on this lesson. It is necessary to imagine yourself as a person who has achieved his goals and revive this image with bright colors and a memorable embodiment. When imagining, you should see yourself as if from the side and not from your own body. This is important, so that the subconscious can define the goal as one that needs to be achieved, not as already achieved.

This exercise It's a great way to start each new day, you can even do it without getting up.