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How to Make Our Wishes Come True

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Making a wish come true

To make a wish come true, you need to think about it systematically.

Passionate belief in an idea is the most correct approach to its implementation.

It is important not to limit yourself by considering and imagining possible stumbling blocks to your desires.

When a person has several wishes, the one they wish for the most always comes true.

A saying goes "Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true." For this, specialists have developed techniques, in formulation of wishes, to get what we expect.

Charge your desire with positivity

Give your desire an emotional boost. Look at it as something that has already happened that makes you happy.

If you are not good at this technique, just think of pleasant moments while visualizing your desire. This way you will adjust your perceptions to something nice and real.

The more positive your attitude towards life is, the more chances there are for your wishes to come true.

Formulating a wish

Formulate your wish correctly

The wording of the desire should not begin with negative words such as no. In addition, it is important that the desire does not depend on other people, but only on you.

For example, it is not right to wish for the "prince" to come for you if you want to fall in love. It is more correct to ask to be so irresistible that the given person falls in love with you.

Live your wish

Immerse yourself in your wish as if it really came true. Often, people provoke fulfillment by placing pictures or other objects that make it look like their wish is part of the present.

Wishes and dreams come true

Set a deadline for the fulfillment of the wish

When you make a wish, set some reasonable limit within which you want the wish to come true. This means that the set time limit cannot be 10 or 15 minutes, because that is impossible.

Then follow the signs that fate puts before you, often they can lead you to what you want.

When you make a wish, track whether it will come true. You can write your wish on a piece of paper and after a while see if what you wrote has come true.

Your wish must be formulated in the present tense

Imagine that it has already come true - that you already live in your dream home or are with the person of your dreams. How does that make you feel, how does your life look like this way? This is how you must program your mind to send the right signals to the Universe.

Do not use negation when formulating the wish

Forget about the particle No, expressions and phrases that include it. Shape your desire with affirmations. Think that you are in the process of wish fulfillment - already getting rich, losing extra pounds or whatever.

Work to make the wish come true

Know that your wish will not come true if you just write it down on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. You have to make an effort to make it happen - not only mentally, but also physically. Live your life fully, positively and meaningfully. Once your wish comes true, looking back, tell yourself that this is your reward for all the hard work.

Places with strong spiritual energy help

Apart from personal relief - both physical and mental, churches, chapels, monasteries and other holy places help people with their strong positive energy. It is no coincidence that we all offer our most sincere prayers there. In the form of a prayer or a simple statement, you can express your desire when you are in such a place.

Desire should not harm other people

Think carefully about what you wish for. If what you wish would harm someone, it will not come true.

Take advantage of the moments of happiness

When you experience genuine joy, your intentions and thoughts are pure. Then it is also an appropriate time to formulate and make your wishes come true. Whenever you feel happy, try to step away from the situation for a moment, by sending your sincere wish to the universe.

Here are some fun ways you can try to make wishes come true. They are rather superstitions and legends, but with a positive thought you may be able to achieve what your heart desires.

11:11 - make a wish!

You've surely heard of the power of repeating numbers. The 11:11 combination is the strongest and is usually used to make wishes come true. The next time you happen to see your watch showing that time, make a wish.

Blow a dandelion to make your wish come true


You're walking in nature and you see a dandelion. Some people believe it has the power to make wishes come true. You must pluck it, make a wish and blow it into the sky.

Wishing Fountain

If you love to travel, you've surely seen taps and fountains where people drop pennies behind their backs as soon as they make a wish. Why don't you try?

Shooting Star

We all know that when we see a shooting star, we should make a wish and it will come true. We can't say if it is, but besides the beautiful view, you might take the chance and ask the universe for something.

Cake Candles

It is believed that a person gets a special opportunity to fulfill a cherished wish on their birthday. To do this, make sure that the candles are the exact number - the number of years you are turning. Make a wish and blow - you must blow out all the candles the first time and gratefully accept all wishes for your birthday.