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How to Make Our Dreams Come True?

The door to your dreams

Do dreams come true? ''Is that really something that happens? ! '', you ask yourself ruefully. Yes it is!

Think about it. What environment you live in, what you do, how your relationships develop with those around you, what your friends and loved ones are like... All this was chosen by you, once upon a time. Yes exactly. Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? If you haven't, now you will know how everything in your life is the work of your own thoughts.

Yes, it was unconscious and thoughtless to marry an irresponsible infantile pessimist. Yes, it was wrong to let your friend use you as an ATM. But YOU allowed this to happen. And it's all, because you don't love yourself. Because you have decided that no one will treat you well, no one will love you anymore and no one will want to be your friend. Don't you agree?

Then why are you constantly complaining about life if you don't have the courage to change it? Why spend days (and nights) at a job you can't stand?

Every minute you are changing your world, creating your reality. At the heart of the Law of Attraction is imagining that your thoughts are constantly materializing. Think about the last mishap that happened to you. Now remember how a while ago you visualized only negative thoughts in your mind. And so it happens. Because with your unconscious visualizations, you are signaling the universe to make this a reality.

And what would happen if you only imagined that you were healthy, successful and loved? Believe me, you will become one!

Visualizing dreams

Eliminate negative and defeatist thoughts and affirmations from your vocabulary. Thank life for everything it gives you. For the sun, for the rain, for the children, for the parents... For your two healthy legs and your two healthy arms, for not having to sit in a wheelchair, for seeing and hearing this wonderful world.

Believe in yourself, love yourself and everything around you and the world will repay you with the same. Because everything that surrounds you is yours.

Realize your dreams and let them make you and your loved ones very happy. Do what you love - this is the path to self-realization. And this is your life. You have wasted enough of it in poverty and misery. May success accompany you in everything!