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What the Numbers in our Dreams Predict

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In the ancient sciences of numbers it was believed that they reflected to a great extent the aspects of human life. The numbers we dream of also bear a specific and particular meaning.

These numbers can reveal important information for past or future events. We just need to pay close attention to them and interpret them correctly.

Numbers in your dreams may specify the exact month and day of an important event. They may reveal a secret code and even a winning combination.

It's not necessary to dream of the actual images of the numbers. They may be represented in various ways in the dream. For example, in the number count of a group of people or objects.


Counting money in dreams means that you'll improve your financial state. Counting the number of people foretells that you'll be up to your neck in tasks at work - this will exhaust you but also bring you advancement in your career.

Reading and writing down numbers bespeaks of your need to take control of your finances. If you make a mistake while reading or writing them down, it means success will turn its back on you.

Interpretation of the numbers 0-10

The meaning of numbers in dreams correspond to their meaning in numerology and astrology.

0 - symbolizes the cycle of life;

1 - symbolizes a new beginning, renewal, dynamics in life;

Numbers in Dreams

2 - symbol of duality, weak willpower and inability to make decisions;

3 - symbol of joy, luck and positive outlook toward life;

4 - symbol of justice, work performance but also of problems to come;

5 - symbol of marriage, a unified beginning and good material status;

6 - symbolizes strong emotions, integrity and selflessness;

7 - embodies wisdom, isolation and loneliness;

8 - symbolizes infinity, a lot of money and material acquisitions;

9 - finishes what's been started, a harbinger of pregnancy;

10 - it means progress, the protection from life's turbulence and problems.

Two-digit numbers - of these the ones that have a more peculiar meaning are:

13 - symbol of strength but harbinger of misfortune;

19 - believed to bring inspiration and successes;

22 - foretells the successful realization of planned goals.