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The importance of stones in our dreams


In dreams precious stones are usually subject to a purchase or sale. In other cases, the form of a gift received or proposed. A dreamer can not break the lock of the casket with a sparkling stone inside or, one has to read an old map showing where to go to find the stone (reading the card in this case corresponds to roam a maze, there will have to seek the stone, meaning the center of personality).


Formation of crystallized pure carbon, this stone is primarily a sign of clarity, hardness, transparency and also has a brilliant natural finish. This stone is marked at the top!

It is understood that the diamond can express spirituality, spiritual strength and inner purity. It is called the queen of the stones. It also symbolizes the center of the inner life. In this case, an anima (in men) or effective force (in women). And diamonds are a symbol of integrity and free spirit.

Some dreams the diamond appears in different colors. The symbolism of the stone is added plus the symbolism of color is also added to the meaning.

Here's an example:

Noelle of 30 years dreams of a pale blue and very transparent diamond, the stone is located away from the dreamer and it seems to be frozen in a space. The young man wakes up weeping.

Noel is a bachelor and his"soul" was risen by a women who raised him. He, of course, dreams of ideal love. Because of his internal weakness, however, it is impossible. His anima is still amorphous, uncertain, and weak. Based on this data the dream becomes clear to everyone. Let's hope that Noel will someday cease to contemplate the platonic female diamond which is remote a blue, symbolizing unavailable infinity.


Superstitious people believe that this stone promises fertility. Others believe that it is dangerous to carry this stone.

Emerald is the color of spring green and linked with water. Probably in ones dreams they will sensed a "wholesome'' feeling. Symbolism is linked to that of water and the green color. However the blue shades adds a mystery as to why it sometimes symbolizes stagnant, dangerous and mysterious waters.

Precious Stones

Clearly, the emeralds can symbolize the woman in a positive or negative sense.


Relatively inexpensive in the market, however, liked to many women because of "meditative" simplicity. Coloration reminds one of its tenderness of the lunar nights. This stone is not an "external image", and is of the psychic depths. It is extremely feminine. In principle it symbolizes inner life and appeases only introspect.


The stone of love and lovers. Exactly with warm radiant color the ruby raises its symbolism. Even in superstitions, it brings happiness and has healing properties. In ones dreams it often means a change in internal state; The color is restrained with fierceness that seems out of the center and for some it is within all directions.


Its symbolism is associated with a violet color, the color of the wisdom of moderation. This is the stone of true humility and spiritual responsibility.


With the color of blue sky or blue-green water, its symbolism in dreams is often associated with these two shades. Turquoise is also a spiritual evolution, the secret center of the personality, the effective fertility. In man it may symbolize the anima.


Jade is loaded with universal symbolism. It is an extremely beautiful stone. Embodied with the highest virtue, kindness and open soul. In China, it was a symbol of imperial authority this was due to its green color Jade

This connects with nature, water, vegetation and fertility. However it rarely appears in dreams.


This is the stone of superstition. It is generally believed to have a "detrimental" effect. It is no wonder that opal gives the dreamer of the dream an ability to threaten their negative meaning. This is undoubtedly due to the variable and subtle shades of this stone, radiant blue, yellow, red and brown.


Its symbolism is associated with shades of blue (blue and violet blue at night).

The question arises, how do we learn that we just dreamed of this stone, and not of some other ? (excluding diamonds). There is no precise answer. In the archives of my dreams they appear to people who understand the precious stones. Simply connect a third color with the stones, especially when it comes to ruby or sapphire (not according to my records, which, of course, limited responses). For example:

I dreamed a blue stone ... genuine sapphire. Or:

The mounting was a red stone, ruby obviously ... Or:

I dreamed that my father, put a ring on my finger it had a beautiful stone, clear as water ... I think it was turquoise ... or maybe a pearly green diamond ...

And so forth.


It is easy to imagine the symbolism of pearls. This belongs to the marine world. Right it is the offspring of the water and the moon? Under such conditions it is natural to connect the woman with the yin principle, the internal, hidden life and sexuality. Pearl is a treasure buried in the sea depths, which must be exposed.

Traditionally it is considered that this stone is an aphrodisiac and has revived the property in a physically and spiritually sense. The badge of love, the gift, and is the perfect finishing touch of natural evolution.

The clean pearl ball occurs rarely. Hunting is a dangerous craft for pearls. Thus, this sea has become a gem in the world and throughout time immemorial almost holds an esoteric meaning.