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Elements in our Dream That Reveal our Subconscious Intimate Desires


Everyone has subconscious intimate desires that they find difficult to discuss with others and would rather keep to themselves. Sometimes they are so personal that the individual wishes they could hide them from their very selves. At that point their subconscious tries to send them a message through certain elements in their dreams.

For example, if the person dreams of a naked woman, this means that they're going to experience problems in the love aspect, as well as at work. If they see a couple in love kissing, they can expect disappointments in love.

Read on to find out about the other elements occurring in our dreams that reveal our unspoken desires.

1. Mask

It has long been viewed as the personification of unexpressed sexual desires. If the person dreaming is male and sees the mask of an old woman, this indicates that he is experiencing intimate desires toward other men but is afraid to reveal these nontraditional preferences to the world.

2. Dwarf

If you see a dwarf in your dream, it's likely you're suffering from an inferiority complex. It's highly likely you're afraid that you're not performing well intimately, which is why your partner has a condescending attitude toward you.


3. Stars

Most dream interpreters see stars as the element that personifies children and sexual reproduction. If you see stars in your dream, it means you feel that it's time to have children but are still afraid to admit it to yourself and your partner.

4. Tooth

The loss of a tooth in most traditional dream dictionaries is seen as a harbinger of disaster. But this is not always the case. According to a not-so-popular belief, if a woman has her tooth taken out in a dream, this reveals her suppressed desire to become a mother. The same holds true if the person dreaming is a man.

5. Test

If you find yourself taking a test in your dream, this signifies that you're afraid of expressing your love. If you pass the test, it means you are nevertheless on your way to overcoming your worries. But if you dream that you fail it, it indicates you are not yet ready to take this step and need to further work on yourself.


6. Marionette

The image of a marionette is seen as negative, as it foretells of an unstable state of mind of the dreamer. If you see this element in your dream, you're likely having intimate contact with representatives of the opposite sex, without any romantic feelings toward them. You subconsciously feel that it's high time you stopped this.

7. Honey

According to certain folk interpretations, eating honey in a dream leads to disasters for the dreamer. However, sex therapists believe that in fact it bespeaks of the lewd, unrequited desires of the dreamer. They are most likely suppressing these because they are at odds with their upbringing.

8. Domination

If you dream that you're someone's master, it means that you're trying to take control in your relationships as well. Often you don't even consider this or try to hide it from yourself. It would be best if you reevaluated your behavior, as it might lead to certain hurdles on the love front.