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Can we interpret our own dreams?


Interpretation of dreams is strictly individual to everyone therefore, a ready dream book could not help one to interpretate as the dream, is a dialogue between our internal aspects, conscious and our subconsciousness.

In this line of thought it is quite difficult to someone to knows how to the give the response and translation of these internal messages. Learning their language is actually apart of being self aware. It is true that there are people who could help us in the beginning, but not to give us ready-made formulas or vocabulary through which to deal with the transfer.

In the process of development, we gradually expand our ability to communicate with its other aspects and should simply be patient. This resolution called intuition and its development is in direct proportion according to the spiritual one. There is no short, easy route or direct routes.

Most of us are afraid of such a dream in which one dreams that their families or they themselves die. We want to share that this dream shows us that something in us dies. Something old and experienced which gave us its purpose, something already obsolete. Death is always a new beginning, the birth of a higher level. So if you have had such dreams you should be happy instead of feeling fear, something good will happen.

Fear, as such, is caused by an unwillingness to face up to everything before you. In those in which have entered into old age it is the aspiration to freedom, mostly against the limits. Our fears deprive us of this freedom. There certainly are legitimate reasons that underlie them. But every time you overcome one fear we download one link in the chain, which bar a flight of our spirit.