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The Most Important Symbols in our Dreams

Plamena M.Plamena M.

In most cases, our dreams are a reflection of our real life and we should not ignore them. If we manage to correctly interpret the symbols and the events surrounding them, we'll find out what they're trying to tell us.

Wrongful conclusions can embitter or anger us. That is why it's crucial to know the main symbols and how they can affect our life and its development.

A road. A road in a dream is a symbol of our own path through life. Whenever it is clean and clear it means you are purposeful and can expect a bright future, filled with positive emotions. Whenever the road is muddy and hazy it means you are afraid of the future and it's difficult for you to find your way. You need time to find yourself and determine your goals from here on out.

Flying. Flying in a dream is a lucid dream that's taken to mean incredible freedom. Flying makes your subconscious wake up, a freedom that's otherwise impossible.

Flying may mean that you're trying to rise high despite all the hardships in life. It may also be interpreted as running away from genuine problems - the easy way out.

The moon. If you dream of the moon it means you need to stop being afraid. In you there lies dormant an invisible, hidden or poorly developed creative potential, which is about time you brought out.


Water. Our life's ambitions are expressed by the water in our dreams. A sea or ocean in a dream indicate that it's time to take the risk. If you see a small water body or stream, expect trouble.

Telephone. If your telephone in a dream rings, be sure that your life has gotten on the right track. The key moment awaits. If you don't answer the phone it means you are afraid of these changes and subconsciously don't want them.

Flowers. If you see a flower that's just beginning to germinate it means that your efforts in life will soon begin to yield fruits.

A bloomed flower is a symbol of new opportunities that will come into your life. A wilted or dead flower is a sign that a certain period of your life is coming to an end and a new one is beginning.

Boxes. Boxes in a dream mean that something remains hidden from you in real life. Many boxes bespeak that your own feelings are in chaos. An empty box represents frustration within.